Cat owner wanted to cheer up netizens

GrabFoodCat cover
Images adapted from: Jirapat Polsrinak

Rayong had quite a scare earlier this week when people found out there was an infected person roaming around a mall. People are still tense from the incident and scared of second-wave virus spikes.

A woman in Rayong wanted to cheer up Rayong and netizens, so she posted photos of her cat waiting on her delivery man with cash in his paw.

She wanted to make the delivery man laugh

GrabFoodCat cat
Image: Jirapat Polsrinak

According to the cat owner, Miss Jirapat Polsrinak’s post, she took the photos at the start of the year when the pandemic was spreading. She decided to post it now to help cheer up netizens due to recent COVID-19 incidents in Rayong.

The cat, Pharaoh, is pictured sitting obediently by the rolled up money bills. Pharaoh “greeted” the GrabFood delivery man nonchalantly when he finally arrived by sitting at the porch.

GrabFoodCat FB post

Translation: I let my cat wait on the GrabFood delivery person and they found it amusing hahaha. I don’t want them stressing out about virus infections. (Taken during the start of this year)

Pharaoh always welcomes his guests well, especially strangers.
Rayong cats are cute.
Rayong people are also cute.
Rayong is not scary.
Don’t see Rayong as unsafe.

From a small voice from a home in Rayong.

GrabFoodCat GrabFood
Image adapted from: Jirapat Polsrinak

Translation: “The ฿127 is with the cat in front of the house. You can just grab the money – he won’t bite.”

Netizens loved Pharaoh’s antics and the post currently garners over 3K shares.

GrabFoodCat hold

Translation: “I’d rather hold the cat instead of take the money haha”

GrabFoodCat cute

Translation: “So cute! It was worth the delivery cost as well as bathing the cat.”

Smiling through hardship

No one knows when or if a second-wave virus spread will happen, and everyone’s on their toes about for possible spikes.

Remember that maintaining stress is also important for staying physically healthy, as much as it is for staying positive.

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