Thai woman won 6 million THB

The seven figure grand prize that lottery tickets promise draws a large amount of the Thai population. Lottery is such a huge part of Thai culture that we have an established set of beliefs and methods to obtain winning lotto numbers; the number one tactic being dream interpretation. 

In the case of Mrs. Tithiya Bantaohome, a hawker lady next to Jom Sri Pittayakarn School in Udon Thani, she won ฿6,000,000 (~USD191,938) after deciphering codes from her son’s dream.

Lottery in Thailand: 

Lottery numbers from a dream

In March, Mrs. Bantaohome’s son’s best friend, unfortunately, passed away. The lottery winner’s son reportedly told her that his late friend visited him in a dream wearing the same shirt he wore on the day of his demise – the shirt had the numbers “1970” on it. 

The deceased also allegedly asked her son, “Why are you still struggling? why aren’t you rich yet?” prior to throwing a sack of rice loaded with cash towards his friend. 

Thai Woman Won 6 Million THB For National Lotto Because Of Son's DreamHer lotto number
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After her son conveyed his dream to her, Mrs. Bantaohome bought a lotto ticket with the numbers ‘472270’. Little did she expect, she would be announced the winner of the first place reward on 1st April 2021, reported by Khaosod

Thankfully, this was no April Fool’s joke. 

Thai superstition with dreams

Dreams are said to be the number one source of winning lottery numbers in Thailand, there’s even a website, that assists you in decoding your dreams into winning numbers. For example, if you see a kid in your dream these numbers will be revealed:

Thai Woman Won 6 Million THB For National Lotto Because Of Son's DreamScreenshot: via Line Today


Primary numbers: 3
Secondary number: 1
Even numbers: 17, 13, 33
Odd numbers: 317, 311, 513

Besides revealing lotto digits, Horoworld also predicts your fortune based on your dreams.  

Thai Woman Won 6 Million THB For National Lotto Because Of Son's Dream


Dream predictor, what did you see you in your dream?
You could become the next millionaire
However, the website is only available in Thai language.

Billionaire dreams and big wins

It’s never too late to dream about becoming a millionaire. Even if you don’t personally believe in these superstitions, it’s still possible for you to grab a lottery ticket and – hopefully – win. Sometimes, fate can be on your side even if you never asked for it.

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