Five year old twins married

Reincarnation and the role that karma plays in your life – lives – are at the very core of Buddhist beliefs. Your next incarnation is directly affected by your actions in your present and past lives: if you perform good deeds, your next reincarnation will be one full of joy. 

In Thailand, the majority of the nation is Buddhist. Every day, no matter which temple you go to, you are 99% likely to see someone performing rites to cleanse themselves of bad karma or energy

Such is the case for these five-year-old twins Mr. Washirawit (Bee) Moosika and Ms. Rinrada (Breem) Moosika, who got ‘married’ to rid themselves of any bad energy from their past lives. 

Buddhist beliefs regarding twins 

According to Buddhist lore, twins with different genders are reincarnations of doomed lovers and carry those spirits – malicious or not – with them. 

Mr. Weerasak elaborated saying, “We believe that if your children were born twins who have a different gender, they must be married or else one of them will fall ill later in their lives,” according to Chiang Rai Times.

5 year old twins get married
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The twins’ parents Ms. Rewadee and Mr. Weerasak, thus held a ceremony for the twins’ previous incarnations to appease their souls, in hopes of protecting their children from any potential malice.

5 year old twins get married
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“I feel so lucky to have twins but I’m concerned that there is something following them from their previous lives. Our belief is that they should be married in order to clear that karma” Ms. Rewadee said, as reported by The Daily Mail

Traditional Thai wedding ceremony 

5-Year-Old Twins "Get Married" In ThailandParents with the son (Left), Twins’ wedding (Right)
Image credit: Chiang Rai Times

Bee and Brim were married in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony on 4th March 2021 in Nakhon Sri Thammarat.  

While the wedding is not legal, the family followed all Buddhist rites – inviting monks, saying prayers and ceremonious gifts from relatives – to ensure the twins’ good fortune.  

Buddhist beliefs in Thailand 

Thailand is a vibrant country with interesting traditions and beliefs. It’s important to respect all beliefs, rituals and traditions.

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