Lucky woman wins the lottery

You might’ve heard crazy stories about Thai having their own tips of praying to trees or dreaming about numbers just to get winning tickets for the lotto.

Recently, Miss Jaruwan Soikit, who works at a Hitachi factory in Prachinburi, won ฿6 million (~USD201,352) and became an overnight millionaire – all by sheer luck.

Unexpected win

factory-worker-lottoImage credit: Panid Opo 

On 16th of December 2020, Miss Jaruwan struck gold and shared her excitement that she’d never expected to become a millionaire.

Image credit: Smiles Mine 

When she knocked off work, she spoke to a friend about the national lotto numbers, and her friend gave her the last 3 digits of the winning ticket: 303.

Her heart almost skipped a beat, and when the first 3 digits (201) were revealed, she realised hit jackpot.

Image credit: Smiles Mine 

She didn’t depend on any tips and tricks to increase her luck either – it was as if the universe dropped her a gift without her having to pray for it. Facebook user Panid Opo shared the story of Miss Soikit, revealing that she had never dreamt or saw any signs of winning numbers. 

The 4 small logos on each ticket is to verify that it’s not a counterfeit slip.  She simply picked a ticket because it had a cute little ghost logo on it. 



Netizen: What little ghost?
Another Netizen responds: The little casper on the ticket.

Netizens were also curious as to where she got the ticket from.


Netizen: Where’d she get the ticket? I’m gonna follow her footsteps
Panid Opo: She said [it’s] from Charoen Sup Market in Prachinburi

Try your luck in the future

Sometimes, you don’t have to do what the Romans (or Thais) do and turn to elaborate superstitions; fate might have a huge surprise in store for you. 

Who knows – you might win the national lotto and become a millionaire just like Miss Soikit!

Featured images adapted from:  Smiles Mine, Panid Opo 

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