A cat holding a snake in its mouth surprised hair salon visitors

The saying “a cat has nine lives” suggests that cats can survive many dangerous incidents, no matter how close they get to the death.

While nobody knows where the proverb originally comes from, one thing we know is that cats are barely afraid of danger – even snakes.

Instead of running away in fear, felines dare to confront the potentially-venomous reptile. Sometimes, they even manage to bring it back home as a souvenir for their owner in their mouths.

Here’s the story of Thai hairdresser in Songkhla whose cat surprisingly brought her a snake.

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Cat surprises its owner and her guests

On 14th November 2021, one black cat named Ma Ruay planned a surprise for his owner, who owns a hair salon in Songkhla.

While one of his owner’s customers was having her hair styled, another waiting customer spotted Ma Ruay walking into the shop with a python in his mouth.

She began making a noise, causing everyone in the salon to turn and look at what she saw.

Everybody in the salon trembled in fear at the snake and moved quickly to the side.

The barber took action by throwing an item at her cat as a signal for him to go away, but instead Ma Ruay ran straight to her and dropped the serpent on the floor.

She dodged the reptile with care to avoid hitting her cat and went to the back of the shop to get her broom.

Finally, the hairdresser successfully removed the snake from the shop by brushing him out with the broom in her hand.

Netizens react & shared comical thoughts on the story

The clip went viral on Facebook and garnered over 1.4K shares.

Screenshot: Wi Make Up

Translation: The hairdresser will get rich this month for sure. Ma Ruay will bring her luck. 

One netizen commented that the salon owner will win the lottery because of her cat.

Screenshot: Wi Make Up

Translation: Mommy, I brought you this. Why did you run away?

Another netizen spoke on behalf of the Ma Ruay, and questioned why the snake freaked out his owner.

Screenshot: Wi Make Up

Translation: You better hit your cat before hitting the snake LOL.

Meanwhile, another viewer suggested the hairdresser first punish her cat before dealing with the python.

Nine lives? Let’s not risk it

While the cat was able to pick up the snake in its mouth, Ma Ruay also showed us that the proverb about felines and nine lives may not be true at all – especially if he had got bitten by the snake.

We really hope that the cat won’t bring his owner anymore snakes, but will instead learn to deliver other reptiles that are prettier than pythons as a surprise gift. Perhaps Ma Ruay can learn by gauging his owner’s reaction to a gecko or To Kay instead.

Cover images adapted from: Wi Make Up

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