Japanese waiters dress in ‘win’ motorcycle vests

If you’ve been on Thailand’s streets, or Thailand in general, you’ve definitely seen at least one of the ubiquitous motorcycle taxi, or ‘win’, drivers in their iconic orange vests.

While Thai residents may not notice these drivers and see them as a part of the hustle and bustle, a restaurant in Japan took their uniforms and made it into something way more noticeable. *wink*

Read on to find out how this restaurant in Tokyo turned the orange motorcycle vest into something netizens are raving about.

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A Thai restaurant in Japan has dreamy waiters wearing ‘win’ jackets as uniforms

On 15th November 2021, Thai TikTok user, @bbum58, posted a video of her at Mumpak Thai Bar in Tokyo, Japan. The video features hunky restaurant staff wearing orange win motorcycle vests.

ต้องไปอีกแล้วหมูปิ้งอร่อยจริงๆ😁😋#ร้านมุมปากอุเอะโนะ #โตเกียว

ต้องไปอีกแล้วหมูปิ้งอร่อยจริงๆ😁😋#ร้านมุมปากอุเอะโนะ #โตเกียว

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Viewers can see that the waitstaff at Mumpak Thai Bar in Ueno are dressed in the same orange vests that Thai motorcycle taxi drivers wear.

Screenshot: @bbum58

The video also shows restaurant goers chatting and drinking with the waiters in motorcycle driver cosplay.

Screenshot: @bbum58

For those who are used to these vests being worn by fast-whizzing motorcycle taxi drivers, seeing these strapping waiters donning these vests would certainly be a novel experience.

Screenshot: @bbum58

The best part is that they don’t move as quickly as motorcyclists, so you can take your time and truly enjoy the restaurant experience.

Screenshot: @bbum58

The restaurant’s decision to take something as simple as a motorcycle vest and turn it into a fashion statement definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

Thais react to Japanese waiters in orange motorcycle vests

At the time of writing, the TikTok has over 700 likes and has been picked up by Thai news outlet, Sanook.

We’re not too sure what about the video caught people’s attention: was it the uniforms, or those wearing it? Here are some comments that helped answer that question.

Screenshot: @bbum58

Netizen 1: Can I have a little taste? Whenever Japan’s borders open, I’ll drop by.
OP: It’s in Ueno Tokyo! 

It seems that this netizen wanted a small sample of the Thai bar restaurant experience. Thankfully, OP provided details about the bar’s whereabouts for future visitors.

This info will surely come in handy, as there are other commenters that seem keen on visiting Mumpak Thai Bar.

Screenshot: @bbum58

Netizen 2: Whenever Japan opens, I’m gonna head over there.
OP: Would like for you to come haha. 

Unsurprisingly, another netizen echoed this sentiment.

Screenshot: @bbum58

Netizen 3: When will Japan open up????
OP: I don’t knoww

It seems that everyone is very enthusiastic about Japan’s borders opening up.

Thai motorcycle taxi uniforms go global

As someone who sees a motorcycle taxi driver on just about every street corner, this writer didn’t expect to one day be writing a story about their uniforms.

It goes to show that something so simple and ubiquitous to us can be a unique selling point for another person’s business.

We’re excited to see small pieces of Thai culture around the world, and are looking forward to more instances like this.

Cover images adapted from: @bbum58

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