Monks spotted riding a banana boat in their robes

Monks are religious figures in the Buddhist religion, a faith that is held in high regard by many Thai people.

Monks are expected to model the teachings of Buddhism, including refraining from worldly pleasures. Thus, they’re usually found begging for alms or performing their duties at the temple.

So, it’d be unusual to see monks going on a trip and participating in leisure activities.

Here is the story of Thai woman in Bueng Kan who spotted six monks riding a banana boat from the beach.

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Thai woman notices monks riding a banana boat

On 15th November 2021, Thai TikToker, @whan_33, posted a video of her camping trip to Kam Som Boon Beach in Bueng Kan, where she spotted something unusual along the coast.

อันนี้เห็นแล้วแปลกตา555555 #บึงโขงหลง #ใส่สบงแล้วทรงพลัง

อันนี้เห็นแล้วแปลกตา555555 #บึงโขงหลง #ใส่สบงแล้วทรงพลัง

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While she was recording the view of the ocean, she noticed a group of monks in red ropes riding a banana boat zooming past.

GIF: @whan_33

The camerawoman captioned the video with the question, “Could anybody tell me if this is appropriate or not?”.

Her question seems to be pondering whether the monks violated sangha rules by riding on a banana boat.

GIF: @whan_33

The clip saw the monks enjoying an exhilarating activity without realizing that they were being recorded.

Netizens react and exchange their comical opinions

After the clip went viral on TikTok, many netizens shared their hilarious comments on the video.

Screenshot: @whan_33 

Translation: They may be late for brunch.

One netizen shared his comical idea: the monks in the video may have been afraid of being late for their daily meal, and thus decided to hitch a ride on a banana boat.

Screenshot: @whan_33 

Translation: They may be regular people dressing up as monks as part of their trip. LOL

Another netizen suggested that the riders’ robes were part of a group themed-costume, and that the banana boat riders may have not been monks after all.

While several netizens made funny comments on what happened in the clip, one viewer shared his knowledge on religion.

Screenshot: @whan_33 

Translation: A novice can take a break from their precept to engage in relaxing activities during Songkran Festival, but monks are prohibited to do so.

The commenter answered the camerawoman’s question by stating that fun activities can be engaged in only by novices, not monks.

Religion won’t be shaken

We’re so used to seeing monks sitting calmly in temples, so a banana boat with six of them whizzing by would surely be jarring for anyone.

So, it makes sense that the camerawoman would wonder whether it was appropriate for religious figures to indulge in such activities.

From our point of view, as long as the monks keep themselves grounded and still follow Buddhist rules, there’s no need for us to worry about how appropriate their actions are.

Perhaps banana boat rides are a good way for Buddhist monks to relax and unwind from practicing seated meditation for long periods of time.

Cover images adapted from: @whan_33 

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