Thai rescue workers create ‘saber’ arch for newlyweds

The saber arch is a tradition that’s typically performed at weddings of military officers. It’s a symbol of the couple’s everlasting love: that they will continue to love each other through both the best and worst of times.

However, at some weddings, there’s no need for swords or sabers – LED traffic batons can also be used to salute the newlyweds.

Here’s the story of newlyweds in Buriram, who participated in what looks like a lightsaber arch ceremony arranged by their teammates.

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Rescue workers use traffic batons for saber arch ceremony

On 15th November 2021, Thai TikToker and rescue worker, @siamburiram, posted a clip of a saber arch ceremony that took place at his colleague’s wedding.

#งานแต่งคนจน #กู้ภัยสยามบุรีรัมย์

#งานแต่งคนจน #กู้ภัยสยามบุรีรัมย์

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The ceremony was conducted by the couple’s teammates, who repurposed their LED traffic batons as sabers.

Standing face to face, the teammates lifted their batons up to create an arch for the newlyweds to pass under.

GIF: @siamburiram 

The clip saw the groom and bride, who wore a casual white dress, passing through an arch of sabers LED traffic batons.

GIF: @siamburiram 

After exiting the arch, the couple received a flower from their boss, who also gave them good wishes.

Netizens react and congratulate the newlyweds

The clip went viral on TikTok and drew a lot of attention from netizens.

One netizen shared their thoughts on the team’s cleverness and congratulated the couple.

Screenshot: @siamburiram 

Translation: Though it’s not luxurious, it’s heartwarming. Congratulations to the newlyweds, Buriram.

The below netizen was also impressed by the gesture, rather than the grandeur of the ceremony.

Screenshot: @siamburiram 

Translation: A traditional saber arch is no match for this LED baton arch for sure. May their love last long.

Another netizen mentioned that an LED traffic baton arch is way cooler than a traditional saber arch.

Screenshot: @siamburiram 

Translation: Why do I get goosebumps when watching this clip? Wish they a very happy life. Emergency workers serve the public good.

All in all, it seems like the public was impressed by the rescue team’s commitment to making their colleague’s wedding a special day with whatever resources they had.

Only love (and LED baton arch ceremonies) matter

We wish the couple a happy marriage and are looking forward to seeing other newlyweds share their creative ideas for alternatives to saber arch ceremonies.

For example, they may use Star Wars swords instead of the real swords to make them feel as if they were getting married on the Death Star.

However, what’s more important than the honorary wedding custom is the fact that the couple is ready to spend their life together – perhaps until death does them part.

Cover images adapted from: @siamburiram 

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