Cashless payments at 7-11 Thailand  

Ever since the pandemic, the need for a cashless society has become more important as it helps promote social distancing measures. 7-11 Thailand has responded to the trend by allowing customers to pay by credit card without minimum costs. 

Available for both Visa and Mastercard credit payments

Credit card payment at 7-11 Thailand
Image credit: MRG Online

7-11 Thailand only used to accept credit-card payments with a minimum cost of ฿100, limited only to Visa credit cards. 

This led to criticisms from locals and foreigners who expressed that the store should offer customers a wider variety of payment options. 

With cashless payment systems getting popular in the current times, 7-11 has decided to offer customers with a new and improved credit card payment system starting from 1st September 2020. 

Credit card payment at 7-11 ThailandImage credit: 7-Eleven Thailand 

Now, customers can pay with both Visa and Mastercard cards without minimum cost. 

Due to the fact that the system has just started, it’s recommended to ask staff members before paying to confirm that it is already in use at all branches. 

Thai 7-11 fans don’t have to bring their wallets to shops anymore, and it’s also safer for us as it avoids direct contact with others during this time. 

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Featured image adapted from: 7-Eleven Thailand 

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