7-11 Vending Cafe near Bang Wa BTS

7-11 Vending Cafe in ThailandImages adapted from: 7-Eleven Thailand

7-11 Thailand always has new releases and promotions to surprise its fans. Aside from the biggest 7-11 in Pattaya, they have just launched their first vending machine cafe located near Bang Wa BTS. 

Safer service during COVID-19 

7-11 Vending Cafe in ThailandImage credit: 7-Eleven Thailand

Convenient stores are a great choice for anyone looking to get their essentials quickly. However, these stores have become locations that are prone to virus transmissions due to crowds going in and out daily.

With this concern in mind, 7-11 Thailand has launched its first vending machine cafe located at Aspire Sathorn condominium near Bang Wa BTS. 

7-11 vending machines Image credit: 7-Eleven Thailand

There are 3 vending machines selling food, drinks, and snacks for customers to purchase.

Customers can access the products 24/7 and select payment methods which support different cashless payment systems. 

7-11 vending machines in ThailandImage credit: 7-11 Fanclub

What about warming up your food? Don’t worry, because there is a microwave available for self-service. 

7-11 Vending Cafe in ThailandImage credit: 7-11 Fanclub

Other than offering a safer service, this easy-to-reach 7-11 vending cafe that doesn’t take up much space aims to be installed at other condominiums and apartments.  

If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to try the service. Don’t forget to stay sanitised like washing your hands before and after using the machines to ensure that you’re taking care of yourself.

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