Lay’s KFC chicken chips  

Lay’s KFC chicken chipsImages adapted from: เดี๋ยวรีวิวให้ and แมวพาไป

7-11 Thailand always gives customers the chance to try tons of new and unique snacks. This time, potato chips lovers have two new flavours to try: Original Recipe Chicken and Wingz Zabb from a collaboration between Lay’s and KFC Thailand. Let’s see how legit the taste is!  

Another must-try potato chip in Thailand   

There are some unique Thai potato chips you shouldn’t miss out on, like Lay’s Hot Chilli Squid, Salted Egg, Green Curry and Crab Curry. And these two new flavours from Lay’s are just as interesting too. 

Lay’s KFC chicken chipsImage credit: @bvissar

With flavour inspiration from KFC’s signature fried chicken, the potato chips come in Original Recipe Chicken and local favourite Wingz Zabb chicken flavours at just ฿20.

The Original Recipe Chicken chip does have flavour notes just like KFC’s original fried chicken. It has a slightly BBQ taste to it, and is even rumoured to have KFC’s 11 herbs and spices too!

Lay’s KFC chicken chipsImages adapted from: เดี๋ยวรีวิวให้ and Keep daking : อย่าหยุดแดก

The Wingz Zabb version brings Thais’ favourite spicy chicken wings in chip form, with a spicy and sour taste.

Lay’s KFC chicken chipsImages adapted from: แมวพาไป

These signature chips are available at 7-11 Thailand only. You can get your KFC fried chicken fix for 24/7 now!

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