Biggest & fanciest 7-11 in Pattaya

2-story 7-11 in Pattaya

Images adapted from: BKK Foodie, Brand Buffet, & 7-11 Fanclub

To many people, Pattaya is basically the Las Vegas of Thailand (with beaches). Everything here looks fun and wild – even one of its 7-11 convenience stores is vibing out in both scale and design. 

2-story 7-11 in Pattaya

Image credit: BKK Foodie

Opened in 2018, this 7-11 is located at South Pattaya where other famous attractions, such as Walking Street, reside. 

The store is 2-storeys tall and it comes with a huge parking lot, outdoor seating areas, and nice-looking toilet – something we can hardly find at regular branches.

Maritime themed interior

2-story 7-11 in Pattaya

Anchors painted at each parking space is a nice touch
Image credit: 7-11 Fanclub

This 7-11 proves that convenience stores can rock insanely cool interiors rather than looking all the same in a plain design. 

To show off its nautical theme, the exterior of the building has a huge cruise ship motif. The coolest part is that it illuminates a glowing blue light at night, adding more magic to the whole place.  

2-story 7-11 in Pattaya

The high-ceiling makes the place more spacious
Image credit: 7-11 Fanclub

Besides normal goodies for foodies, the store also has 2 cafes and a bakery area for visitors to enjoy.

2-story 7-11 in Pattaya

Image credit: Brand Buffet

Another awesome thing here is ‘Sinsamut,’ a greeting robot that can move around the store as it’s attached to the rail on the walls.

Give Sinsamut a wave and it will come to life to say hello to you.

Pay a visit when you’re in Pattaya

2-story 7-11 in Pattaya

Cafe and chill area overlooking the whole store
Image credit: 7-11 Fanclub

If you get to spend your next vacation in Pattaya, don’t forget to come to its special 7-11 store (Thara Pattaya) and explore its unique style and features for yourself!  

7-Eleven (Thara Pattaya)
Address: 585, 13, South Pattaya Rd, Muang Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
Opening Hours: 24 hrs. (The COVID-19 pandemic may affect the opening hours.)

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