Delivery services amped up to cater to citizens during shutdown

20k Recruited
Images adapted from: New York Daily News, The Pattaya News

With serious lockdown regulations put into place, using delivery services seems to be the safest and most convenient option for everyone. Now that this is in high demand, CP All, the operator of 7-11 Thailand, announced on 22nd March 2020 that the company will be expanding its food delivery service during the shutdown.

20k Recruited
Image credit: New York Daily News

CP All has recruited over 20,000 more food delivery staff to be stationed at its 1,500 7-11 outlets nationwide which provide delivery services. 

20k Recruited
Image credit: thepattayanews

This idea aims to help people living in areas that have been locked down, and anyone who wants to avoid social exposure and public transportation in order to buy essentials.

20k Recruited
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Anyone can use the 7-Delivery mobile application to buy food and other essentials and have them delivered to your doorstep directly.

The COVID-19 virus is not going anywhere soon, so avoid being in crowded spaces and wash your hands often to minimise your chances of catching the virus.

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