Total cases in Thailand now 322

50 new COVID-5 Cases in Thailand
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Thailand’s health ministry declared on 20th March that there have been 50 new patients, making the total number of COVID-19 cases 322 from 272 as reported yesterday.

Most of the patients are people who were in contact with previously infected people, and others who came back from overseas.

As reported on The MATTER, the newly infected patients are divided into 2 main groups including 41 people with close contact with the following previous patients:

  • 18 people infected from boxing stadiums 
  • 5 people from bars and entertainment venues in Thong Lor and Ramkhamhaeng
  • 12 people with close contact to previous patients (one of them is a 6-month infant)
  • 6 people from a religious ceremony in Malaysia 

Other 9 patients are:

  • 2 people returning from overseas (one is a student and another is a state officer coming back from England)
  • 2 people from crowded areas
  • 3 are waiting further investigations

Stay tuned for updates.

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