9 Best USB Microphones In Singapore To Sound Pro During Your Twitch Gaming Streams & Video Calls

Best USB microphones in Singapore

You don’t have to be a budding Beyonce or an aspiring Joe Rogan to sound great on video and voice calls. Whether you’re singing and podcasting, or giving Zoom presentations and planning pro gamer moves on Discord, these nine best USB microphones in Singapore will give a vocal boost to bless the ears of fans and teammates alike.

Extremely easy to set up, these plug-and-play USB microphones are a convenient tool to have on the road and avoids technical issues during important calls. They’re also a sure upgrade from built-in laptop and AirPods microphones – and might just get you started on the next viral ASMR mukbang channel on YouTube. 

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1. Blue Yeti – highly rated microphone with interview & conference modes

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With rave reviews by podcasters and musicians alike, the Blue Yeti is highly rated for its high audio quality despite being extremely easy to install and use. Like the high-end microphones you might spot in professional Hollywood music studios, this retro-styled gadget is a highly sensitive condenser microphone and picks up lots of detail in your voice – and surroundings. 

Four directional modes pick up different audio patterns to suit voiceovers, dialogues, and even conference calls and realistic ASMR performances.
Image credit: Blue Microphones

This makes it a great pick for those looking to showcase their vocal talent, but you’ll need to record in relatively quiet surroundings for the best results. Even if you’re not a singer or musician, the Blue Yeti is known for recording lifelike and realistic voiceovers – a great pick to boost your confidence during your next client pitch.

Price: $268.90

Buy Blue Yeti

2. Shure MV7 – easy-to-use with studio-quality voice recording

The Shure MV7 has a touch panel on its top surface to easily adjust the gain or mute it during livestreams
Image credit: @zer0718

Used by Sam Smith, Joe Rogan and even Michael Jackson on “Thriller”, the Shure SM7B is one of the most popular microphones in the world. Retaining all of that quality but sporting a simple plug-and-play USB interface instead, the Shure MV7 gives aspiring vocalists and musicians a shot at stardom without hordes of technicians to keep things pitch-perfect. 

Apart from being easy to install, this microphone can also be used with the ShurePlus Motiv app that lets experienced pros make tweaks to the audio. But more impressive is its “Auto” mode that automatically adjusts your gain and EQ in real-time, ensuring you sound amazing whether you’re whispering an intimate jazz number or belting out one of Adele’s impassioned choruses. 

Price: $379

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3. Razer Seiren Mini – sleek and affordable gaming microphone

Image credit: Razer

For a sleek and affordable addition to your gaming setup, the Razer Seiren Mini offers nifty gaming features in a portable pill-shaped body. These include a built-in shock mount to reduce annoying thumping noises caused by accidental bumps, along with an internal pop filter to prevent “p”, “t” and “b”-sounds from creating mini explosions in your listeners’ ears.

Though the microphone is also designed to focus on your voice, it’s on the shorter side even with the included stand. To minimise clattering sounds from your mechanical keyboard, it’s best to use a microphone arm to bring it close to your mouth for the best results. To fit a whole range of aesthetics, it’s available in black, white and a pastel pink for a kawaii touch.  

Price: $67.13

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4. HyperX QuadCast S – advanced controls with custom RGB lights

The HyperX QuadCast S is certified by gaming voice chat apps like Teamspeak and Discord
Image credit: AliExpress

When it comes to gaming rigs, it’s impossible to have quite enough RGB lights – and the HyperX QuadCast S serves up a custom light show right on your desk. Just like the Blue Yeti, it’s a sensitive condenser microphone, and it also offers four audio modes to pick up sounds from various directions. 

It shows off its gaming chops with a useful one-tap mute function that’s useful for some extra privacy during Twitch livestreams – which also turns off the RGB lights as an easy visual cue. The volume of our voice is also easily adjustable with the microphone gain control at its base, and as a bonus, the microphone comes with a sleek shock mount and a built-in foam pop filter.

Price: $213

Buy HyperX Quadcast S

5. Audio-Technica AT2005USB – minimises background noise

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For a grab-and-go option, the Audio-Technica AT2005USB is a handheld USB microphone that makes it easy to record high-quality voiceovers and interviews without extra microphone stands or mounts. In addition to its simple-to-use USB connector, you’ll also get a traditional XLR port to get the most detail out of your recordings – a great bargain at this price.

This makes it highly versatile, and with the included foldable tripod, you can easily keep it ready at your desk for voice calls and even impromptu karaoke sessions. Unlike condenser mics, the AT2005USB is a dynamic microphone that isn’t as sensitive – which helps to reduce ambient noises but needs to be placed up close to your mouth to produce the best results.

Price: $90

Buy Audio-Technica AT2005USB

6. Rode Wireless Go II – compact and convenient for on-the-go calls

Image credit: Rode Microphones

Yoga instructors and travel vloggers might need the added versatility of a wireless setup, and the Rode Wireless Go II is a compact option that works with your smartphone, camera and computer. Each set, contains two transmitters with built-in microphones that clip onto your collar, and a receiver that plugs into your device via USB or 3.5MM audio connector.

The receiver (foreground) and transmitters together weigh less than 32 grams  
Image credit: @jeffncoshop

With the Wireless Go II, you’ll be able to pair two transmitters to mic yourself and a buddy up for a livestream or interview. These units have a powerful wireless connection that lets you roam up to 200M from the receiver, and stores up to 40 hours of voice recording in case of signal drop-outs.

Price: $388

Buy Rode Wireless Go II

Pro tip: If you only require a single transmitter, opt for the original Rode Wireless Go ($258) for some savings.

7. Saramonic LavMicro+ DC – low-key lavalier mic for presentations

You can route the microphone cable on the inside of your top to minimise distractions
Image credit: AliExpress

Dressed to the nines and fully prepped for an important client pitch, the last thing you want is a tiny distraction that can hamper your presentation. The Saramonic LavMicro+ DC is an unobtrusive lavalier microphone that clips to the inside of your collar or lapels, ensuring that your voice is heard loud and clear while keeping things unobtrusive and low-key.

With its 1.7M-long cable, you’re also free to move around for a more engaging session, and you’ll get to use it with your computer, tablet or even Android or iOS smartphone with its many connectors. 

Price: $75.91

Buy Saramonic UC USB Lavalier

8. Samson Go Mic Portable – pocket-sized studio microphone

Image credit: Amazon

The niftiest option on this list, the Samson Go Mic Portable is the perfect pick for those who live on their laptops. Packed into a compact bundle, it unfolds to reveal a stand for a table or flat surface that doubles as a clip to position the microphone atop your laptop display – placed in an optimal location directly in front of you.

Despite its tiny size, it packs a sensitive studio-quality condenser microphone. This lets you toggle between two directional recording modes – either focussing on your voice, or for omnidirectional recordings of round-table meetings.

Image credit: @musicarms

Price: $75

Get Samson Go Mic USB

9. KLIM Talk – easily adjustable gooseneck microphone

The KLIM Talk has a simple on/off button and an understated design to fit your workstation or gaming setup
Image credit: KLIM Technologies

Usually found on podiums and seen in press conferences, gooseneck microphones are ideal for quick adjustments to get the best voice quality. The most affordable option on this list, the KLIM Talk is a hardy and heavy-duty gooseneck USB microphone that might earn a permanent place on your desk for a convenient way to tune into calls.

Price: $15.97

Buy KLIM Talk

Get the best USB microphones in Singapore

Whether you’re filling your gaming desk setup with the snazziest gadgets or are building a do-it-all workstation, these microphone upgrades will get your voice heard loud and clear. Apart from being a functional tool to fit your needs, these best USB microphones in Singapore might just unlock new dreams of starting a podcast or even a vlog.

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The products have been ranked in terms of capacity, functions, and price from sources and reviews online.
Cover image adapted from: Rode Microphones, AliExpress

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