Tuas Power Is Now Giving Grocery Vouchers Up To $120 For You To Cut Down On Monthly Expenses

Tuas Power 2023 deals

Most of us are no strangers to sussing out good hacks to save money. Other than taking advantage of monthly food and activity deals in Singapore, we can cut down on one of the biggest culprits when it comes to high monthly expenses: our electricity bill. 

If you’re used to spamming your aircon or leaving your water heater on throughout the day, you might want to lower your electricity bill with the likes of Tuas Power. They’re offering lower fixed rates with up to $120* grocery e-vouchers to customers, and additional perks when you transfer over to them. Read on to find out more.

Get lower rates & convenient billing

One of the main perks of choosing an Open Electricity Market (OEM) retailer like Tuas Power is the fact that you can pay electricity rates that are lower than SP Group’s regulated tariff. 

With SP Group’s current tariff at 29.96 cents/kWh till 30th September 2023 (inclusive of GST), you can opt for a lower fixed rate from Tuas Power, at 28.98 cents/kWh (inclusive of GST). View Tuas Power’s electricity plans for a mix of short and long term contracts.

Here’s another perk that’ll suit those who value convenience: Tuas Power happens to be the only electricity retailer that uses SP Services as their billing agent. That means you’ll be able to view your electricity, water, and gas consumption in a single bill. You’ll also be able to directly get deductions with your U-Save Rebates.

Get up to $120 grocery e-vouchers & free insurance

Discounted electricity bills aren’t the only perk you’ll be getting when you transfer to Tuas Power. Customers will get a one-time grocery e-vouchers amounting up to $120* to help get you started on raking in those savings. Simply use the promo code <ONTSL120> and you’re good to go.

On top of this, you’ll get free Singlife insurance for 12 months. Choose a protection plan that best suits you:

  • Utilities relief: Reimbursements of your utility bills in instances such as permanent disability.
  • Home insurance: Covers an array of unexpected events such as flooding and theft.
  • Dengue aid: Get hospital benefits in the event you get Dengue fever.

Find out more about the free Singlife insurance you’ll get when you sign on with Tuas Power. 

Refer a friend for further rebates

Besides receiving bill rebates when you sign up, Tuas Power also has a Refer A Friend+ Program for you to rake in even more savings. The best part is, you’ll continue to get rewarded when your referral ropes other people in. 

You can get up to $20/referral based on tiers:

  • Tier 1: Get $20 when you refer Friend X.
  • Tier 2: Get $10 when Friend X refers someone else, Friend Y.
  • Tier 3: Get $5 when Friend Y refers yet another person, Friend Z.

Your referral code will be sent to you once you get your confirmation letter. Find out more about Tuas Power’s referral programme.

Choose Tuas Power for money-saving deals

Let’s just put it out there that we’re always game for savings, especially when it comes to our monthly expenses. With Tuas Power, you won’t just get grocery e-vouchers, but lower electricity rates to help you save each month.

Feel a little less guilty if you tend to head straight for the a/c remote on scorching days.

The sign-up process is easy too. Simply head to their website and select your preferred plan. As a Tuas Power customer, you’ll also be able to enjoy exclusive rewards and discounts with your T+ Privileges. There are over 100 deals from various merchants for the taking. Here are some you can look forward to:

  • Nippon Paint: Get additional $150 off sealer with every whole house painting package.
  • SHARP: Enjoy 10% OFF at SHARP CocoroLife e-store from now till 31st December 2023.
  • Leifheit: 20% storewide discount on Leifheit household supplies & home appliances.
  • Luxus Digital Lock: $50 off Atlas Digital Door Lock.
  • The Escape Artist: 10% discount on escape rooms.

Rest assured your wallet will thank you for these perks and savings.

Find out more on Tuas Power’s promotion here

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This post was brought to you by Tuas Power.

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