Taobao’s New Physical Store At Funan Has Furniture & Household Items For Your BTO

Taobao Store by Virmall in Singapore

When it comes to getting products at a good deal, a Singaporean’s default answer is just one word: Taobao. But while the Chinese online shopping platform certainly has its perks, I’ve never gotten around to using it for the sole reason that I have no clue what’s going on in the site with my limited Chinese vocabulary. 

For everyone else out there in the same boat, fret not, your struggles are now about to come to an end with Taobao’s first concept store in Singapore located at Funan Mall.

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Furniture and household items at Taobao Store by Virmall

Taobao Store by Virmall’s 6,000sqf space

The new physical store Taobao by Virmall is akin to a spacious showroom, featuring more than 300 Taobao products. Currently, they carry furniture and household items, but in the near future, they’ll be filling their space with fashion and textiles too.

For those who are aiming for their Pinterest-inspired dream room, here’s a good place to start. Much like in an IKEA store, everything here is neatly organised into showrooms so you’ll be able to shop for items of similar aesthetic at a glance.

Linsey artificial plant decor – for those who don’t have green fingers

Expect furniture sets from leading brands of Taobao’s home and living channel, JiYouJia. Some of the brands include merchants like Lindsy, known for their modern and light-wood furniture.

Storage jars for the kitchen

Scan the QR code to go to the online source on Taobao

A good half of their products are available for immediate purchase at the store so you can start your room upgrade pronto. The other half, which tends to be the bulkier items, is available for online purchase. Simply scan the product’s QR code and you’ll be able to read reviews, browse colour variants and finally, make your purchase online. There will also be English speaking staff to guide you through the whole online process if you need any help.

Other items such as pet supplies such as automated feeders and water bowls are also available

Space-saving items

If you’ve been on board the minimalist-living trend, below are some items you can look out for:

Extendable bench for 9 people

Vanity mirror with hidden compartments

Swivel container for small items like jewellery

Virtual Reality Shopping

It’s absolutely sian when you lug home your gorgeous new shelf just to find out that it can’t fit into the space you meant to put it in. To ensure that your new furniture fits impeccably, make sure to pop by the store’s Virtual Reality (VR) service booth that allows you to visualise your preferred furniture within the layout of your house.

Walking around my interactive virtual home and switching around my furniture with just a click of a button made me feel like I was in the 22nd century. 

To get a VR replica of your home, let the staff know the measurements of your floor space and the digital model will be ready in about an hour or so, depending on the crowd. Now that’s a great way to make use of augmented reality technology.

99 Mega Sale

There’s nothing quite as powerful as this 4 letter word – SALE.

Shopaholics, make sure to save the dates of 5th to 10th September 2019 as Taobao’s famous 99 Mega Sale extends to this physical outlet too. Head down for flash deals from $3.90 on 7th and 8th September, as well as lucky draws with prizes such as Xiaomi TV and luggage when you spend a minimum of $9.90.

Taobao physical store in Singapore

Shopping on the e-commerce site of Taobao is sometimes a hit or miss, but with this new physical store, you can QC your items before making the purchase. For those looking to glam up their new BTO, or simply have a room in dire need of a good makeover, you now know where to look!

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Photography by Lery Villanueva

Kezia Tan

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