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7 Rapidly Growing Singaporean Companies That Are Hiring Right Now

Companies proudly made-in-SG

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As a seven-year-old, my “dream job” involved venturing into mysterious jungles in search of lost artefacts, or going to space with NASA. Both could render me gone from the face of the earth, which I unwillingly came to accept growing older. This was the point in life, where I legit started to think about a job.

And while giants like Facebook and Google have undoubtedly caught our envious eyes, these aren’t the only places in the world that will up your cred.

There are home-grown companies that have grown to become brands so famous some of us might be surprised to know they were borne from the minds of local entrepreneurs. Here’s a few that’ll make you feel proud to be a Singaporean:

1. Razer

Image credit: Razer

Gamers will understand that every piece of equipment matters – from the CPU right down to the chair you’re sitting on. If you ask them what you should get, one brand usually comes out top on gamers’ lists: Razer.

Image credit: WindowsCentral

Focused on pampering gamers’ needs, Razer laptops are sleek, lightweight and hold the processing power of its bulkier desktop cousins. It’s also gone to sell millions of gaming equipment worldwide, reaching the level of a billion-dollar tech giant.

If you’re someone who understands the importance of high resolution visuals that will not lag at every frame, you can work with Razer as a software engineer to come up with new and improved software to upgrade the gaming experience. And of course, you might even have some time for gaming during work to test out the products.

You can also take the role of a marketing specialist to find the best way to further promote the brand.

2. Garena

League of Legends players, the money spent on customising in-game characters might not have been just for self-indulgence. In fact, you’ve had a small part in making Garena the most valuable startup in Southeast Asia.

Starting out as a gaming company, Garena has branched out into the world of e-commerce and payment platforms, easing the hassle of shopping and paying with Shopee (mobile marketplace) and Airpay (e-payment).

The startup has since grown to be at the forefront of digital content and e-commerce because of system engineers constantly managing and maintaining the applications and services – from interface to network and system security.

Take a break from work and head to the entertainment corner for a game of air hockey, pool or foosball. Image credit: e27

Work-life balance is important in Garena, so there are facilities for you to wind down – like comfortable sleeping pods for a quick power nap. There’s even an in-house masseuse to give you a relaxing massage when your body starts aching from sitting for hours at your desk!

3. Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

Travelling to the most ulu parts of the world doesn’t mean having to rough it out in the wilderness. You can still enjoy your exotic getaway in the comfort of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, which are located in popular tourist destinations like Thailand and Maldives to more exotic ones like Cuba and Morocco.

Banyan Tree weaves urban resort living together with the natural environment. Image credit: @sirocco3

Banyan Tree’s global outreach only means there’s constantly lots of dollars going into hotel operations. Audits will be essential to pick up any anomalies in spending and as an internal auditor, you’ll be proposing recommendations to be more cost efficient.

Image credit: @fun_o_o

When the never-ending rows of numbers start to take a toll on your eyes, you can look forward to rewarding complimentary resort stays that come with your hard work.

4. Bee Cheng Hiang

Bee Cheng Hiang in Shanghai. Image credit: @seuliii213

If there’s one thing I can’t deny, it’s that the sharp increase in weight during the festive period of Chinese New Year is directly proportional to the increase in red Bee Cheng Hiang bags filled with bakkwa (barbecued meat).

With 80 years of history, this household brand has stood through the test of time. Bee Cheng Hiang grew from its humble beginnings as a mere streetside cart in 1933 to a network of over 200 outlets across Asia.

Anyone can join the Bee Cheng Hiang family as an operations executive as long as you have what it takes to ensure smooth operation of outlets and knowing what’s best for the brand’s marketability.

5. BreadTalk Group

There’s now a BreadTalk Cafe. Image credit: The Chosen Glutton

An empire built on the foundations of pork floss buns and cheese bread, BreadTalk Group has grown from just a neighbourhood bakery into a massive conglomerate of brands under its belt today, such as Toast Box, Food Republic and even Din Tai Fung.

Work at the BreadTalk Group headquarters. Image credit: @iamkelvinloke

It’s always nice to have familiar sights of home when you’re overseas so we have BreadTalk Group to thank for bringing over 630 outlets of BreadTalk and Toast Box across 15 countries. You can continue the development of BreadTalk Group into international markets as a brand development executive overseeing the operations of both existing and upcoming outlets.

6. TWG Tea

Image credit: TWG Tea

The fanciful, Gatsby-esque decor in its outlets might throw you off into thinking that TWG Tea comes from a far-off land – but this luxury tea brand that exudes an atas aura comes from Singapore.

Image credit: @catherinecyj

You don’t have to travel the world to have a sip of the most exotic and exquisite tea flavours. It’s tea galore at TWG, which houses over 1,000 exclusive tea blends, including new varieties of tea every season.

With such an international array of products, someone will need to handle the logistics right down to a tea. The logistics executive will be handling orders, deliveries, packing processes and even sales administration. There is also a digital arm of logistics that needs to be managed.

7. Ninja Van

To all NSFs – past and present – “ninja van” is a phrase that would make their day because it means there’s food delivered right to their training ground.

Similarly, Ninja Van has made waiting for online purchases less of a pain – reducing the long wait times that and the huge possibility of our parcels mysteriously becoming lost in transaction. Using technology such as real-time tracking, it has revolutionised the logistics chain, making door-to-door delivery services more efficient.

Ninja Van handles over 20,000 deliveries a day in Singapore alone and there are also plans for expansion to other markets in Southeast Asia, which is why a regional PR manager will be timely for this expansion.

They’ll also need a business development manager to ensure the company thrives in the competitive local market by maintaining current business partners and looking to future ones as well.

Celebrating local companies with

From the food we eat, entertainment we enjoy and services that improve the way we live, Singaporean entrepreneurs have succeeded on both a local and international scale. With NDP coming right up, it’s only apt that we celebrate the successes of SG companies and be proud of the name they’ve made for our little red dot.

Local companies that will be featured in JobStreet’s campaign

To drum up the Singaporean spirit, has launched a campaign that pays homage to homegrown brands that have expanded Singapore’s clout in the global markets. With over 1,000 available jobs for you to browse from, there’s bound to be one that suits your skills and interests. So show support for homegrown companies – and explore a career with them too.

Celebrate local companies with

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