Won Dae Song is a Joseon-themed garden

If you are a fan of any historical Korean TV series, we bet you’re familiar with the protagonist’s slow-mo pans while twirling across cosmos fields or plum blossom gardens in front of ancient palaces. These scenes may have also made you wanna fly to South Korea to put on a Hanbok costume and do the same, hoping you’ll get the same effect as your onscreen noonas or oppas.

Well, we have something that might sound more accessible for you – a Korean-themed garden in Kanchanaburi that could change your mind about visiting Thailand instead.

Won Dae Song is a retro Joseon-style garden in Kanchanaburi that offers Korean food and Hanbok costumes for rent, so visitors can dress up and imagine you’re living that sweet traditional Korean village life.

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Korean-themed garden in Kanchanaburi

Image credit: @cnoii

Won Dae Song is a Korean-themed garden that will literally throw you back to the Joseon dynasty. And yes, it’s actually in Thailand. Located in the province of Kanchanaburi, the garden, cafe and IG spot is located in front of a massive green mountain as a backdrop. The surrounding establishments have also been built to resemble traditional Korean architecture and are encircled by many plots of flowers and trees.

The large building you’ll see on the right is a cafe which serves drinks for a welcome pick-me-up, to brighten your mood while exploring the garden.

Image credit: @mus_supertramp

In winter, and during the rainy season, expect to see thin patches of mist floating past the garden, lending credence to the K-drama vibes.

In the middle of the garden, you will spot an old tiny stone-studded cabin. Don’t be too surprised if you spot many people gathering here as this cabin is a storage room and secret photography spot.

Image credit: @cnoii

If you walk a few steps farther from the cabin, you’ll find another popular photo spot which is a mini bridge with the best view of their cherry blossom trees. We guess we can tell why this spot is well-liked; yes, the sakura blooms. With the right framing for your picture, you’ll also capture the bountiful grassy fields and green hills overlooking the area.

Now, let’s take a break from exploring the premises and discuss what we’ll grab for lunch.

Authentic Korean kimchi jiggae and mandu from ฿149

Image credit: รีวิวกาญจนบุรี

Once you come to a place with Korean vibes like this, of course, you’ve gotta order the right kind of food to suit the ambience.

The in-house cafe offers guests many authentic Korean dishes to try, especially if it’s your first time having the cuisine. For those who love spicy soup, we’d recommend Kimchi Soup for ฿149 (~USD2.37), seasoned with copious amounts of fermented kimchi for a sour and spicy kick.

There’s also sides like their Korean Spicy Chicken for ฿150 (~USD2.37), six pieces of crispy fried chicken wings dipped in spicy sauce and topped with sesame seeds, enough to satiate your hunger for the day.

Image credit: G’Ben คนเก่ง

After you have savoured your spicy food, cool off those tastebuds with Green Milk Tea at ฿60 (~USD2.37), a fragrant ‘matcha’ like drink with authentic tea leaves, to alleviate the heat.

After lunch, those who’re committed to living that sweet K-drama life, may be interested in dressing up in a Hanbok. If that sounds like something right up your alley, read on for how to do just that.

Rent a Hanbok costume for IG pics for ฿200

Image credit: @go_out_now_or_never

Ever wondered how you’ll look in a Hanbok? Over at Won Dae Song, you’ll be able to rent and try on traditional Korean dresses and suits, AKA a Hanbok costume for ฿200 (~USD6).

Image credit: นะ ชาเขียว ช่างภาพอินดี้

Once you have an outfit on, waste no more time and start wandering around the garden to snap pics like it’s your first time in Korea. A worthwhile spot to take your money shot is this ‘Stairway to Heaven’ staircase to nowhere that’s sited in the middle of the garden.

Strike a pose, and be sure to angle the camera just right so you can snap a picture of yourself against the rugged mountain peaks in the back.

Getting to Won Dae Song

We find it this pleasant for those who are K-drama fans as an entire premise dedicated to dishing out some authentic Korean vibes is pretty rare in Thailand, tbh.

Plus, being able to fool your IG followers that you’re halfway across the world in Korea without needed to buy a plane ticket is definitely enticing. FYI, the garden is only a 2.5 hour drive from Bangkok. So, we’d say getting here is pretty convenient for city residents.

Hopefully, you’ll fall in love with this Won Dae Song garden in Kanchanaburi if you do take a trip down. Do share your verdict in the comments, if you think that these pictures make you feel like visiting South Korea too.

Won Dae Song
Address: Moo 9 Nong Sam Phran, Wang Dong, Kanchanaburi 71190
Opening Hours:
8AM – 6PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 8 1259 7667
Won Dae Song’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @go_out_now_or_never, วอน-แด-ซอง 원 대 성, จะออกไปแตะขอบฟ้า

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