PLUTO is a cosmos-themed cafe in Chiang Mai

We know that many of us are sometimes curious to find out if other living things really exist outside the Earth. There’s usually only one way to learn about how massive planets are in the universe – by seeing them with our own eyes.

And if you’re a diehard fan of sci-fi movies, we’re sure you have a strong wish to hop on the spacecraft and soar into outer space to explore thousands of planets like you have seen in movies like ‘Star Wars‘.

However, that sounds like a dream that may never come true in our lifetimes. But before you lose hope, we’re aware of an abundance of places that can put us in a simulated universe.

PLUTO is a space-themed cafe in Chiang Mai that offers architecture inspired by the dark cosmos for guests to chill out on an otherworldly planet.

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A space-themed cafe in Chiang Mai

Image credit: room magazine

Once you arrive at PLUTO, I bet your eyes will snap to this mysterious round charcoal-coloured building. Even before parking your car, we predict it could take up to 5 minutes till you’ve realised how long you’ve been standing there gawping at how majestic it is.

When speaking of its intriguing appearance, the building’s shape resembles the protagonist’s hidden base in Interstellar – AKA every sci-fi movie’s operation centre.

Image credit: โต๋เต๋ ไปไหน

If you find the exterior pretty impressive, we’re sure you’ll turn speechless once you head inside.

Soon as you reach the stairs, look out for the dark cylindrical architecture with several arches encircling the stairway, causing you to wonder which way you should walk towards.

Looking up, it may be pretty tough not to focus on the vast circular space in the middle where the golden light passes through the cavity. Besides that large space in the centre many smaller holes are built behind the arches, resembling actual craters on a planet.

Image credit: blankstudio

Stepping up the stairs, you’ll notice an extended, light grey marble bar hidden behind the arches with menus on the countertop, ready for you to peruse.

In any case, prior to reaching the bar, the rich aroma of coffee which lingers in the cafe will probably lead you straight to it. Just follow your trusty nose.

Image credit: @songkran_thw

Within this dimly-lit zone, you can settle on a seat next to an arch with a bit of the sunlight peeping in. We love that the cafe’s set-up is designed to let the sun’s glow and warmth gleam amidst the darkness, just like how it happens in real life.

Image credit:@softsuphatida

While sipping your drink, try looking around. Our favourite spot by far is this half-glowing model of Pluto sticking out from the wall. TikTok and IG enthusiasts, we gotchu you fam.

Caramel toast and cloud cream cheese lattes from ฿110

Image credit: @leksuchadaa

Understandably, when we’re in a brand new place – or *cough* planet *cough* – we usually struggle for an idea of what to start with for an intergalactic meal. At PLUTO, we’d recommend for you to try their Crispy Caramel Toast For ฿120 (~USD3.6) that’s served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top and heaping portions of caramel drizzle.

Image credit: @gowhereyoufeeldirty

As for drinks – if you’re a coffeeholic – this Cloud Cream Cheese Latte for ฿110 (~USD3.3) blends smoothly whipped cream cheese, with the bitter tang of coffee. We believe it’ll def pair well with the Crispy Caramel Toast mentioned earlier.

Overall, we think that a trip to an actual planet may not be possible for most of us, but you can definitely consider PLUTO in Chiang Mai if you wanna vibe in a cosmic ambience.

Getting to PLUTO in Chiang Mai

While traveling to outer space might sound impractical, PLUTO has a pretty universal aesthetic – pardon the pun –  that’s easy to appreciate for those who’ve dared to dream of space travel or going to infinity and beyond.

So, in the near future, if you ever set foot in Chiang Mai, we’d suggest that you try not to miss an opportunity to visit this cafe that’s located near the famous Hidden Village, a tourist attraction in Chiang Mai. Without a personal vehicle, you can hire a Grab car to take you there; for an approximate 20-minute drive from the city centre.

Address: Mu Ban Lanna Villa Alley, San Phi Suea, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300
Opening Hours:
9AM – 10PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 9 9010 4469
PLUTO’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @pn_puyja, room magazine, @oxaken_3659

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