Hill Mare is an Italian-themed restaurant in Bang Saen

For fans of Italian food, just hearing the words, “pizza”, “spaghetti”, or “lasagna” can make our mouths water. The thought of visiting a fine Italian eatery could also pop up, due to our cravings.

Of course, many lux Italian bistros are common all around Bangkok, and we can order pizza practically anywhere in the city. For truly authentic Italian fare, however, you might struggle to find one that you can chill at once you’re out of Bangkok.

Hill Mare is a beachfront Italian-themed restaurant in Bang Saen, Chon Buri where you can enjoy the view of the sunset while savouring your meal. Here’s what to expect at the gorgeous themed eatery by the shores of Bang Saen.

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A beachfront eatery with a sunset view

Image credit: @heartisjourneyy

After you step out of your car, you can’t miss a white medieval building, reminding you of an old castle in Europe. That’s because you’ve also arrived at a spot that serves food that’s heavily inspired by Italian fare along some of their most beautiful coasts.

Hill Mare is a beachfront restaurant in Bang Saen, Chon Buri where guests can munch on pasta and seafood dishes for fancy lunches and dinners. When you push the door open, you’ll see tables full of people enjoying their food, so we’d recommend you to book a table in advance, especially if you plan to come on the weekend.

Image credit: Cafe Story : รีวิวคาเฟ่ ทุกวัน

Once you’ve entered the premises, you’ll be greeted with a snow-white dining room with arched windows, which allow guests to peer outside into the garden.

We love that the minimalist design complements the beachside atmosphere, for a relaxing dining experience. We also spotted a bakery display that you can take your time to choose a favourite starter piece of bread to to nibble on as you sip your Americano.

Image credit: @hillmare_bangsaen

If a seat indoors sounds like a waste due to the beautiful weather and sea views, I bet you’ll be content with a spot at this outdoor dining area instead.

A pro-tip is that if you’re here on the evenings around 6PM, you might find it hard to focus on your food since the charming sunset will catch your attention as the sun dips into the west horizon, so do pick your seats wisely.

Image credit: @boyze46

Next to Hill Mare, there’s a walkway — or you can consider it a viewpoint — where you can walk and catch panoramic views of the sea. Moreover, you can get some nice shots with the sunset or this lotus-shaped seat.

Anyway, let’s grab something to eat before snapping those pics.

Grilled river prawns and deep fried groupers from ฿690

Image credit: Cafe Story : รีวิวคาเฟ่ ทุกวัน

When it comes to dining by the beach, besides the typical pastas or pizzas, getting a seafood dish would be a no-brainer, to complement the ambience.

We’d recommend trying this Grilled River Prawn for ฿690 (~USD20), with a jumbo-sized prawn and copious amounts of meat to dip into their signature spicy sauce on the side.

Image credit: Cafe Story : รีวิวคาเฟ่ ทุกวัน

Another seafood dish worth trying is the Hot & Spicy Deep Fried Grouper at ฿690 (~USD20). Doused in a signature sauce with peppercorn, and sliced red, green and orange peppers, this flavourful dish is not for the faint of heart when it comes to spice levels. Spicy food addicts, we know you’ll take up the challenge to lick this plate clean for sure.

Drop by Hill Mare when you’re in Bang Saen

If you happen to be in Chon Buri for a holiday, we’d say you should come by this restaurant before you head back to Bangkok. As this Italian-style restaurant is located on the coast, it allows you to vibe in the atmosphere as well as snap tons of sundown photos for your IG.

FYI, Hill Mare is situated close to Bang Saen Beach, so driving here from the main beach area only takes only five minutes.

Hill Mare
Address: 33, 88 Rob Khao Sam Muk, Saen Suk, Chon Buri District, Chon Buri 20130
Opening Hours:
11AM – 11PM, Fri – Sun
Telephone: +66 8 4268 8639
Hill Mare’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Hill Mare, @hillmare_bangsaen, @benz_bypath

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