Natura Cafe at Poomjai Garden in Bangkok

While it’s a dream for many to live in a concrete jungle, it’s also completely justified to yearn for little pockets of greenery.

Natura Cafe in Bangkok delivers just that. Tucked away in Poomjai Garden in Rama II, this outdoor cafe has a lush garden that’ll transport you to a tropical forest without even having to leave the capital.

Read on to find out more about this hidden oasis in Bangkok.

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Natura Cafe is a waterfront bistro with plenty of outdoor seating

Natura Cafe sits along the banks of one of Thailand’s smaller canals and is engulfed by towering trees that likens the grounds to a forest.

The bistro’s concept is based on synergising traditional Thai art and cuisine with modern elements.

natura-garden-cafe-gateImage credit: sinechompoo via Wongnai

Just from standing in front the cafe’s bamboo entrance that’s surrounded in native Thai fruit trees, like durian, along with a sign written in trendy lettering, we can already see the seamless fusion.

Image credit: Rainny Fonrsu via Wongnai

The first brasserie you’ll see upon walking on the estate is covered in ceramic tiles and displays bamboo beams and roofing. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows and antique furniture present further provide a juxtaposition between modern style preferences and old-school Thai architecture.

The cafe’s seating areas are no different.

natura-cafe-palapaImage credit: @kin.thee.nai

Just next to the main coffee house and right on the banks is a sala, or a traditional Thai palapa. Here, guests will notice that most of the tables are low and surrounded by cushions, instead of chairs.

natura-cafeImage credit: @plaids

There’s even a greenhouse-treehouse hybrid. Here, the contrast between the exposed concrete structure, and bamboo pillars and furniture really epitomises the cafe’s design concept.

Plus, there’s an air-conditioned section for guests who aren’t too keen on staying outdoors their entire visit.

jungle-cafe-bangkokImage credit: Pop-Varatad via Wongnai

Guests can also opt to sit under one of the many trees on the premises.

Natura Cafe Poomjai Garden

In addition to taking in Natura Cafe’s architecture, guests can also stroll in the Poomjai garden.

The ground’s entrance looks like a mysteriously whimsical portal that leads into a fairytale world.

garden-cafe-bangkokImage credit: iiomimii

You even have to cross over a wooden bridge situated over a mossy pond in order to get to the garden itself.

The suspended flora, dense shrubbery and lack of concrete makes the place look like something from Where The Wild Things Are or The Jungle Book.

poomjai-garden-bangkokImage credit: @bamzilla

If you walk a little further into the mini-forest, you’ll find that there’s a whole section dedicated to these hanging plants.

bangkok jungle
Image credit: @pearyy_peeraya

Furthermore, pets are welcome to roam the estate as well.

pet-friendly-cafe-bangkokImage credit: @blockbuster.thecorgi

What to get at this bistro

Just like their expansive garden and seating areas, Natura Cafe offers an extensive menu of Thai favourites.

Of course, you can expect Pad Thai ฿129 (~USD3.81) and Fried Pork Basil ฿109 (~USD3.22).

poomjai-garden-cafeImage credit: ART Eat for Fat via Wongnai

However, the cafe is famous for their beverages that are about as aesthetically pleasing as their estate. Drinks that stood out to us were the Butterfly Yuzu ฿140 (~USD4.13), and the Golden Thai Tea ฿120 (~USD3.54).

tea room bangkokThey also have desserts for sweet-enthusiasts.
Instagram: @paitiewcafe

For more information, you can check out their Natura Cafe’s full menu here.

Natura Cafe in Bangkok

Living in Bangkok is a dream for many. The city’s hustle and bustle never seems to cease, and it’s almost like new trendy buildings pop up on the daily.

While we love the ever-moving city, it’s also nice to unplug for a little while. Thankfully, there are a few oases like this one scattered throughout the City of Angels; so stay tuned for some other finds.

Natura Cafe
Opening Hours: 10AM – 6PM, Daily
+66 8 5123 1386
Address: 9, 3 Moo 6 Chom Tong Road, Chom Thong, Bangkok 10150
Nearest train station: Phyathai
Natura cafe website

Google Maps

Cover image adapted from (Clockwise from Top-Left): @bamzilla@plaids, Pop-Varatad via Wongnai  

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