Uncle Roger reviews Jamie Oliver’s Thai green curry

Nigel Ng, or more popularly known as “Uncle Roger“, is a Malaysian stand-up comedian based in the UK. He quickly became a star on YouTube – and an “egg fried rice master” – after his reaction video to a BBC food video by Hersha Patel from July 2020 went viral.

Any fan of Uncle Roger will know that the award-winning chef, Jamie Oliver – or as Uncle Roger calls him “Jamie Olive Oil” – is one of his “antagonists”. Unfortunately, Jamie Oliver’s videos that use Asian recipes appear to keep “disappointing” him, including this recent one where Chef Jamie makes Thai green curry.

Here’s why Uncle Roger disapproves of the dish as well as some of his most hilarious remarks.

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Uncle Roger calls Jamie Oliver’s Thai green curry “mushroom sweat”

On 1st August 2021, Uncle Roger posted yet another critique on one of Jamie Oliver’s cooking videos that uses Asian recipes. This time, it was a take on Thai green curry. We knew that he was once again going to be “disappointed” by the classic line “Uncle Roger HATE” appearing in the clip’s title.

Image credit: mrnigelng via Kapook

Not even 5 minutes into the video, Uncle Roger uttered over six “Haiya“s and pointed out over eight “mistakes”: cooking only one cup of rice for four people, and using ginger instead of galangal.

Uncle Roger seemed to be the most heated about the fact that Jamie Oliver’s recipe called for just three chillis – with no seeds – as it is dramatically lower than his spicy level preference that involves at least 20-30 chillis.

smoothie curry
Screenshot: Nigel Ng

With that said, he predicted that Jamie Oliver’s green curry paste was going to be as “weak” as a “smoothie”.

However, what led Uncle Roger to face-palm and let out a big “what?” was the large amount of mushrooms Jamie put into the pan, which Uncle Roger concluded would make the dish taste just like “mushroom sweat”.

mushroom react
“Nobody put[s] mushroom in curry”
Screenshot: mrnigelng

Our uncle’s complaints didn’t stop there of course. At one point, Uncle Roger even said, “How many thing[s] can he get wrong in one video, haiya. I can’t even put my leg back up on [the] chair ever again.” *Gasp*

Uncle Roger delivers his final verdict

The results? To Uncle Roger, it def wasn’t Thai green curry. He even put up a side-by-side comparison between an authentic one and Mr. Oliver’s version of green curry to illustrate how bland the latter’s looks.

Screenshot: Nigel Ng

In just two days, the video received over 1.1 million views and lots of hilarious comments.

Netizens react to Uncle Roger’s reacts

When it’s Uncle Roger vs. Jamie Oliver, netizens sure aren’t going to miss it for the world. Not only did the video go viral in just a couple of days, but many netizens are also hitting it with several rib-tickling comments.

Uncle Roger is definitely not alone in his opinions, as many agreed that the curry was just sad. One of them even described it as a parent-would-kill-me outcome.

netizen comment
Screenshot: mrnigelng

This netizen also noticed how Uncle Roger was so “disappointed” that he lost his accent over three times.

netizen comment
Screenshot: mrnigelng

Whereas the others came to the conclusion that Jamie Oliver was born to make Uncle Roger angy.

netizen comment
Screenshot: mrnigelng

Friendly roasting videos

While it seems like Uncle Roger is lashing out on Jamie Oliver, Nigel Ng – the man behind the mask – himself has once assured that his videos are made for entertainment purposes only, and that he means no harm.

So, if you’re interested in more funny roasting videos on cooking with cheeky moments, check Nigel’s videos out on Youtube and – like he said – don’t spread hate.

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