Thailand’s cute granny

Some grannies can be so scary that we may want to run away from them, however, there are others who can be as sweet as a pumpkin pie.

For example, this 100-year-old Thai granny who was scolded for eating while lying down – something Thai children are repeatedly told not to do – but instantly went viral for her cute response.

Continue reading the story to see just how adorable this granny is.

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Cute granny gets scolded for eating longkong while lying down

Going viral is a video of a Thai granny who was – jokingly – scolded by her daughter, Jirawadee “Aoi” Israngura, for eating longkong while lying flat on her back. In the video, we hear Ms. Israngura asking her mother what she was doing, to which she answers, “I’m eating longkong, dear.”

granny longkong
Images adapted from: Sanook

Ms. Israngura then warns her mother that the fruit could still get stuck in her throat, even if their seeds were removed.

granny longkong
Image credit: Sanook

Hearing so, Mrs. Israngura Sr. sits up and says “sorry” as if she was a little girl.

With her cute response, many netizens couldn’t help but let out an aww and point out how sweet the granny is, as published by Sanook on 22nd July 2021.

100-year-old granny is a legendary actress

While we all know how lovable this 100-year-old granny is, what came as a surprise is that she is actually one of Thailand’s legendary actresses, Marasri Isarangkul Na Ayutthaya. She is well-known for her appearances in films, such as Ghost of Mae Nak in 2005 and Taxi Driver (Citizen I) in 1977.

aoi masasri
Images adapted from: SanookTnews

She’s now living with her daughter who – guess what? – turns out to be an actress as well.

Still shining after 100 years

Can we just pause for a second, and be in awe of how healthy Mrs. Marasri Isarangkul is? Not only is she still up and about, but she’s still making her fans smile years after her last film.

Although it may be difficult for us to imagine ourselves as radiant as this granny when we’re 100 years old, we def could hope for Mrs. Isarangkul’s continued good health. She really seems to be a sunshine for her loved ones.

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Cover images adapted from (L-R): @aoyjira, Sanook

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