Burglar poops behind cars

One would never expect to see a deuce anywhere other than the loo, because when duty calls, people typically do the doo in private spaces.

However, the Jaiwidsathid brothers in Buriram experienced the unlikely – they found a bucket of poop behind their vehicles. CCTV footage showed that a burglar left them this gift.

So, what would motivate someone to do such a thing?

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Burglar poops in a bucket and leaves it behind at a garage

The Jaiwidsathid brothers, named Odd and Ood, are owners of parade vehicles that they rent out to event organisers. On 3rd August 2021, the duo found a bucket of poop behind one of their cars. Upon checking CCTV footage from the night before, they found a stranger holding a bucket and a flashlight scavenging around their garage.

The duo deduced that the individual was attempting to steal something, and upon finding nothing of value, he left them with a bucket of poop, according to Sanook.


burglar-poopsThe burglar caught on camera 
Image credit: Sanook

Immediately after stumbling across this unlikely item, the brothers posted about it on their Facebook. Translated into English, their post read,

“Does anyone know this guy? We want you to tell him to come back and collect his feces. He pooped behind our cars and it stinks!”

Image credit: Sanook

Their post has since been deleted.

Parade vehicles are up for sale 

When they’re not dealing with defecating burglars, the Jaiwidsathid brothers are in the business of renting out parade vehicles for various events. However, their stream of income has been affected by Covid-19.

With mass gatherings not allowed to happen, Odd and Ood haven’t had any business for the past year. So, they’ve been forced to sell their vehicles.

One of their parade cars costs ฿2,500,000 (~USD75,585), but are being resold for ฿1,500,000 (~USD45,360) each, as written on Sanook.

One of their parade cars
Image credit: สำนักงาน รถแห่อู๊ดอ๊อดโปรโมชั่น อ.สตึก

Nothing was stolen

Even though the burglar left an unpleasant surprise for the brothers, it’s a good thing that no one was physically harmed and that nothing was stolen from the duo.

When the brothers recover from this strange event, we hope that they are able to boost their income as well.

Cover image adapted from: Sanook

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