Thai student brings buddha amulets to her midterm exam

Sometimes, we need a little luck and blessing so we carry around sacred objects to help us be more successful in our everyday lives, be it in work, relationship, health or even school exams.

This Thai student apparent felt the same way, because she reportedly brought many buddha amulets to her midterm exam. Her wholesome actions surprised her teacher, as well as many netizens who saw the viral TikTok video of her desk, on which she laid out the amulets.

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Thai student depends on buddha amulets to pass the exam

Screenshot: @_thanapat44

On 2nd August 2022, a viral TikTok video posted by @_thanapat44 showed a female student who had many buddha amulets laid out on her table while sitting a midterm exam. The person who took the video was reportedly a teacher. And they posted the video with a caption, ‘Does she need so many buddha amulets when taking an exam?‘, reported Komchadluek.

The teacher also said that she had more in the bag, and that what was placed on the table was just a portion of her collection of amulets. After the video went out, many TikTok users were amused and flocked to comment on her actions.

Netizens wonder if she opens an amulet market in the classroom

After the clip went viral, several netizens comments on the video.

Screenshot: @_thanapat44

Translation: Does she open an amulet market there? Haha

One user jokingly asked if she intended to rent out her amulets in the classroom.

Screenshot: @_thanapat44

Translation: Why didn’t she invite monks to chant for her in the room?

Another netizen said that she should have invited monks to pray for her during the exam.

Screenshot: @_thanapat44

Translation: She will surely get an A for every subject. LOL

One woman amusingly commented that the amulets would help the student earn As in her subjects.

Screenshot: @_thanapat44

Translation: Did she get a good result? If yes, I’ll let my son bring some. LOL

There was even a parent who commented that said she would let her son do the same if the student had scored well on her exam.

Thai student lays out many buddha amulets on her desk during midterm exams 

As Thais, we often believe that carrying around blessed objects such as amulets can bring luck into our lives. Even though we can’t say for sure if it truly works, there’s nothing wrong about believing in a higher power as long as we’re happy.

We hope that the student scores well for her exam, and if she does, maybe we will do the same too, when we have an important meeting or interview.

Cover images adapted from: @_thanapat44, @_thanapat44 and @_thanapat44

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