Phayao guy rides a horse to work

Since the whole world has been facing the rising prices of petrol, it’s become way more expensive to fill our tanks. 

Similarly, Thailand is a country facing a same problem. As a result, avoiding travel over long distances unless absolutely necessary could be a good idea to save money.

To solve this problem, this guy in Phayao rides a horse to work instead. Unsurprisingly, his colleagues and casual onlookers were extremely surprised at the sight of him riding a horse. Here’s how this hilarious story played out.

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Guy rides a horse to work to save money and reduce pollution 

On 28th March, it was reported that a 22-year-old man in Phayao was sighted riding a horse to work. When asked for why he decided to do so, he shared that he was concerned about rising petrol prices and the cost of driving.

guy rides horseImage credit: Mgronline

Hence, he decided to use the horse he bought five months ago as a ‘vehicle’ to commute to work. Moreover, riding a horse can help reduce pollution, he said to Thairath.

His trusty steed takes him everywhere

Apparently, he rides the horse everywhere, and not just to work. For trips like going to the market and to visit his cows, his trusty steed will be his preferred mode of transport.

Image credit: Thairath

According to Khaosod, his colleagues and bystanders were pretty surprised when they saw him riding his horse around town, just like a cowboy in the movies.

The horse is a 11-year-old retired female racehorse 

Apparently, the rider has enjoyed riding horses since he was little. As a testament for his love of horses, he collected money and bought this retired female racehorse five months ago.

guy rides horseImage credit: Thairath

Props to the man for figuring out this ingenious solution to his problem.

Such a creative idea to save money 

This is definitely a creative idea that is beneficial to the Earth because it helps reduce pollution.

Perhaps we should all try riding horses for our daily commutes, instead of driving cars.

If petrol prices continue rising, you now know which man to ring up for advice in Phayao, before purchasing your trusty environmentally friendly vehicle.

Cover image adapted from: thairath

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