Thailand’s new GrabHorse

Thai GrabFood delivery man rides a horseImages adapted from: Nung Nattapong Rungruang

Grab delivery drivers have always surprised us with their incredible service – just like one rider who ended up delivering food to customers via boat

But Thailand doesn’t just stop at a “GrabBoat” – how about a GrabFood delivery man who rides a horse instead of a motorbike?

Filmed the video to make others smile

Thailand’s new GrabHorse

Nattapong “Nung” Rungruang shared his video on Facebook which featured himself wearing his green GrabFood suit while riding a horse around. 

The video went viral and was shared on various media and news channels. Nung revealed on PPTV HD that he doesn’t actually deliver food via his horse and just created the video for entertainment. 

Thai GrabFood delivery man rides a horseImage credit: Nung Nattapong Rungruang

He added that he used to work as an actor in a cowboy show at Ice Tara Pattaya. The spread of COVID-19 led to the show having to stop, so he found a job as a GrabFood rider. 

He wanted to do something fun and interesting in order to cheer others up to pass this dark time together. 

Western movie fans might dream of having a “GrabHorse” rider delivering food to your doorstep. This video fulfils your dream already! 

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