BKK Restaurants can serve alcohol 

The pandemic has been hard on all of us – from the periods of isolation to economic repercussions. In recent months, Covid-19 made its return to Bangkok, causing the Government to implement stringent health precautions. One of those included limiting dine-in options, as well as the serving of alcohol.

While we can certainly raise a glass to our resilience on Zoom at home, drinking alone just isn’t as much fun. Lucky for us, spokesperson of Thailand’s Centre For Covid-19 Situation Administration, Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin, announced that health officials have officially greenlit the serving of alcohol in restaurants until 11 PM. 

BKK eases restrictions  

After a month of what seemed like daily increases in health protocols, the Covid-19 situation seems to have relaxed a little in Bangkok. 

On 27th January 2021, the spokesperson remarked during his daily briefings that health officials have deemed the serving of alcohol in restaurants safe. According to Coconuts Bangkok, Dr. Visanuyotin emphasised that while restaurants can offer dine-in services with alcohol – bars, pubs and similar venues are to remain off-limits. 

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While the Kingdom’s health precautions seem to be a bit more lax, the government continues to urge people to do their part in preventing the spread of Covid-19. On the same day as Visanuyotin’s announcement, the Ministry of Public Health provided an infographic explaining “risky behaviours” Thais should avoid doing.

bangkok restaurants to serve alcohol
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Cheers to responsible drinking 

While we’ve been given the go-ahead to enjoy alcohol again, it is important to continue being mindful of the virus. Drink from your own glass – you deserve the whole drink anyway – and be sure to maintain social distancing from other patrons.

Read more about the Thai Government’s recent measures here: 

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