At home test kits said to be inaccurate 

The coronavirus is hitting Thailand hard. Thais are being asked to follow safety guidelines which include avoiding crowds and getting tested after being in high-risk areas. The Government also offers this for free

Some citizens have opted to use rapid test kits purchased online. Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Deputy Secretary General, Dr. Sarachoke Tangwiwat, has since asked that citizens continue to be tested by medical professionals.

Rapid test kits are for professional use only

On a Facebook post from the National News Bureau of Thailand, the Dr. Tangwiwat states that the rapid test kits only test the person’s immunity level, rather than detecting the presence of the virus. Thus, it requires medical knowledge and experience to analyse the results accurately. 

Dr. Tangwiwat also recounts an announcement from the Ministry of Public Health. The ministry announced that Covid-19 rapid testing kits are to be sold only to licensed medical facilities and professionals. He asks for citizens’ cooperation in reporting unauthorized sales to the FDA. 

at home test kitsImage credit: National News Bureau of Thailand

Thais encouraged to get tested by medical professionals

The FDA Deputy Secretary General Concludes his announcement by encouraging quick detection. Dr. Tawingwat asks those who are experiencing a fever over 37.5 degrees, loss of taste and sense of smell, coughing and other Covid-19 symptoms to get tested within 48 hours. 

While Thailand is still considered to be in the ‘first stage’ of a coronavirus outbreak, the Government did warn that escalation to the ‘second stage’ could call for nation-wide regulations

Featured images adapted from: Vachira Vachira via Asia News 

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