Kiddo takes extra precautions amid pandemic

Sick leave letter from Thai kidImage adapted from: Bright TV 

After the pandemic started to spread across the world, we’ve had to adapt new routines like self-quarantine if we’re down with a fever or other symptoms. 

This 7-year-old kid also knew the rules and took social responsibility seriously. He wrote a letter to his teacher asking for 15-day sick leave because he had a cold and was concerned about getting infected by COVID-19. 

“The note of leave to teacher Pee Tar” 

There is a letter handwritten by the kiddo himself and ended up being shared on social media. It was by a 7-year-old student named Phawat Chatakaew. 

sick leave letter from a kid
Image credit: Bright TV 

Translation: “Note of leave to teacher Tar. My name is Phawat from grade 2, room 3. I have a fever with a runny nose (might have COVID-19), so I have to take 15-day leave.” 

Phawat wrote a letter addressed to teacher ‘Pee Tar’ (Pee means brother in Thai) by himself and also ended the letter with his name and date (3rd July 2020). 

After the letter went viral and was shared by different social channels, many netizens gave him their support and said he was very cute and responsible. 

Sick leave letter from Thai kid

Translation: He’s just a little boy but is very responsible. Do you want to come see a doctor at any hospital near the beach? 

Sick leave letter from Thai kid

Translation: That’s so adorable, but do not sneak around the beach to play. 

Sick leave letter from Thai kid

Translation: So cute. Hope you get well soon. 

We hope that it’s just a normal fever, and wish he feels better and goes back to enjoying his classes with friends soon. Phawat is very honest and deserves a 10 out of 10 attitude score!

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