Setting the guidelines 

Seeing that online food delivery services played a big part during the Covid-19 lockdown, the Trade Competition Commission (TCC) made an important decision to regulate such services in order to protect restaurant owners from any possible unfair treatment. 

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On 23rd November 2020, the Royal Gazette announced the special guidelines to prevent any online food delivery services from taking advantage of the sellers.

According to the gazette, the new enforcement will be implemented 30 days after the announcement date or 23rd December 2020.

What’s in the guidelines?

Image credit: Will Fly For Food

To protect the sellers and workers, the guidelines prohibit online delivery platforms from unreasonably setting unfair sales or promotion fees, as well as income-sharing charges. 

And if any changes should be made to the service charges, the platforms are required to notify the sellers in advance.  

Moreover, they do not allow online platforms to restrict sellers from doing businesses with other services.

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