Tuppapochana – a food charity from GrabFood

You don’t need to organise a big charity campaign or have massive amounts of money to be a giver. GrabFood Thailand lets you contribute to a good cause easily just by tapping into the application. 

Tuppapochana (ทุพโภชนา) is a new restaurant available on the GrabFood app for users to buy food, not for themselves, but for underprivileged children in Thailand. 

Donations starting from ฿40 

buy food for children with Grab

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Tuppapochana, or ทุพโภชนา, means malnutrition. Many underprivileged children in Thailand can’t afford good and healthy food, and some don’t even eat enough but have to work so hard during the day, which can lead to them suffering from a lack of nutrients. 

buy food for children with Grab

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Grab Loves Children campaign collaborated with Equitable Education Fund (EEF) to launch a new charity offering food for children, and came up with the idea of a virtual store named Tuppapochana.

Tuppapochana is a virtual restaurant available on GrabFood application. Users can order food from the store, but they won’t receive food themselves – the underprivileged children in Thailand will. 

buy food for children with Grab

Image credit: @omuretto

The amount of money will go to a charity project and later be transformed into different dishes for the children. Menu items start from ฿40 (~USD1.30) to ฿600 (~USD19.00), so users can choose according to their capacity. 

buy food for children with Grab

Image credit: The Story Thailand  

Don’t be mistaken by the images – each menu name reflects how difficult it can be for these children to have decent meals, often resorting to plain rice and vegetables. Items users can buy are named accordingly, such as “Change boiled white cabbage into a healthy breakfast” or “Change rice with fish sauce into a healthy meal”. 

This virtual store will be available from now until 31st October 2020. 

Let’s join the campaign and fight for a better future for these children. 

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Featured image adapted from: Grab and @omuretto

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