Doctors help injured man after witnessing accident

off duty doctors cover
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We all know by now that real-life heroes don’t wear capes. But this heroic young couple in Krabi has proven that statement to be true.

After witnessing a motorbike ramming into a truck, Sarah and Jonathan, who were a married couple on their way to their own wedding reception, rushed to assist the motorist who was lying on the road with a broken left leg and injured head. 

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Stopped after witnessing an accident

couple help injured man
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Jonathan appeared to be holding the man’s head in place, preventing him from receiving any further injuries, while Sarah was trying to deviate the traffic to go around the scene. 

Both were caring for the injured and managed to keep everyone composed until a rescue team arrived. They even informed the staff with details regarding the injured man’s state. 

off duty doctors help man in accident
Sarah signalling the traffic to go around
Image credit: liekr 

On their way to their own wedding

After the incident, they even introduced themselves to a local guy who was filming the incident. 

off duty doctors
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According to the locals who talked to them, both were doctors and on holiday in Thailand. 

The couple was also on their way to their wedding reception at a hotel nearby, which explained them being dressed in a white bridal gown and suspenders. 

Ding ding ding! let’s toast for the bride and groom’s caring hearts and for their new milestone in life – congratulations guys!

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