Paramedics to the rescue while off duty

paramedics helping injured motorists cover image

Images adapted from: Sing Buri City Ruamkatanyu Volunteer Foundation

Heroes don’t come with skin-tight costumes with flying capes like how we see in Marvel or DC. As we’ve learned, they could be in dashing traditional Thai costumes as well. 

On 3rd August 2019, Sing Buri City Ruamkatanyu Volunteer Foundation shared photos of their paramedics aiding injured people beside the road. 

paramedics helping injured motorists

Image credit: Sing Buri City Ruamkatanyu Volunteer Foundation

What stood out to the netizens was that the team was in full Thai traditional costumes. The caption revealed that they were actually off-duty rescuers and on their way to a friend’s wedding, but stopped when they witnessed an accident nearby that left 3 motorists with minor injuries.

Had paramedic equipment ready to use

Luckily, the rescue team happened to be using their paramedic van to go to the wedding, so they had all the equipment needed on the spot. It was only after they’d finished helping the injured motorists that the team rushed off to the wedding. 

off duty paramedics

Translation: Our team was on the way to a wedding when they got the W.40 (radio code for accident) between two motorcycles at Bunggee Intersection. The wounded are also important. The 3 injured were treated on site and did not need to head to the hospital.
Source: Sing Buri City Ruamkatanyu Volunteer Foundation

Netizens are applauding them for putting others first

Once the news spread online, netizens quickly filled comment sections with compliments for the team for prioritising people who needed help over their own important plans.

off duty paramedics comments 1

Translation: You all are superb.

off duty paramedics comments 2

Translation: People who need help always come first. Thank you for your help.

One even compared them to superheroes.

off duty paramedics comments 3

Translation: Sometimes, heroes don’t need superpowers.
Source: NewsThaiCH8

Always be ready to help those in need

Even though the rescue team was already equipped to help, it doesn’t take away the fact that they were not on duty and could have just ignored the accident and gone ahead with their plans. This proves that it’s important to help the lives of those in need when the time comes.