Thai soldier helps take care of handicapped dogs

Man helps Abandoned Handicapped Dogs
Images adapted from: วีรชาติ ศิริสอ – จ่าชาติ สะพานบุญแห่งขุนเขา

I used to have a cat and she was my best friend who stayed by my side all the time, even when I was angry and sad. She passed away just a year ago, but I still miss her when I see other cats or when I’m feeling down. 

For animal lovers, the life of these little furry friends are very meaningful. Sadly, there are many people who abandon their own pets, with one reason being their animals being handicapped.

But our world is still full of kind people like this Thai soldier who has dedicated his free time to helping abandoned dogs with disabilities. He crafts DIY wheelchairs for them so they can enjoy the feeling of running around again. 

Praised as a “saint of the valley” by villagers

Jaa Chat helps people in rural areas
Image credit: วีรชาติ ศิริสอ – จ่าชาติ สะพานบุญแห่งขุนเขา

Werachat “Chat” Sirisor, known as Jaa Chat to locals, is a soldier from Sam Ngao District in Thailand’s Tak province. 

He’s been a soldier for over 8 years, and has been helping locals living in rural areas by offering them medicine, clothes, bed sets, and other amenities. In fact, he’s known as the “saint of the valley” by the locals for his kindness and dedication. 

Jaa Chat helps people in rural areas
Jaa Chat and children from a village in a rural area
Image credit: วีรชาติ ศิริสอ – จ่าชาติ สะพานบุญแห่งขุนเขา

Saved over 100 abandoned animals with his DIY wheelchairs

Other than helping fellow humans, he also spends his free time after work crafting wheelchairs for handicapped dogs in the area.

Free wheelchairs for abandoned handicapped dogs
Image credit: วีรชาติ ศิริสอ – จ่าชาติ สะพานบุญแห่งขุนเขา

The materials are simple and affordable, allowing Jaa Chat to do as much as he can. Each wheelchair is made out of PVC pipes and rubber tubes, which he uses to measure each dog so that the wheelchairs are suited just for them. The items needed are both donated as well as bought from Jaa Chat’s own expenses, which he does not mind. 

As shared with Dailynews, Jaa Chat shared that the handicapped animals have suffered enough in life. “They used to run and enjoy their life, but with a disability, they can feel stressed as they’re not able to enjoy or even eat anymore.” he said. 

“Even if my wheelchairs can’t make them run again, it will still allow them to walk around without pain. Plus, their hearts and emotions will feel better.” 

Man helps Abandoned Handicapped Dogs
Image credit: วีรชาติ ศิริสอ – จ่าชาติ สะพานบุญแห่งขุนเขา

Jaa Chat does not help just abandoned dogs. He’s also willing to help any locals if their pets are sick or handicapped – all they need to do is to contact him. 

He also has a Facebook page on which he updates followers about his volunteering journey. Those who would like to donate to his cause can also do so on the page. This is another way for us to help our less fortunate furry friends and support good people like Jaa Chat. 

Thai soldier helps handicapped dogs
Image credit: วีรชาติ ศิริสอ – จ่าชาติ สะพานบุญแห่งขุนเขา

Having a pet is a huge responsibility we have to deal with. The lives of animals are just as valuable as ours, and they need us their entire lives as much as we need them. 

So whether they are able-bodied or have disabilities, take care of them with love and affection. As for Jaa Chat, we hope he continues spreading his kindness!

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