Seafood trick in Bangkok

Earlier this week, Facebook user Rawipa Imarrom posted a video and photos exposing a seafood vendor’s dirty trick after she discovered nails hidden inside her prawns.

Rawipa said she bought 7 king prawns for ฿1,900 from Or Tor Kor Market, which is known for selling seafood, and found nails in 4 of them. It is suspected that the nails were to put in there to make them heavier as the items are bought by weight. 

Vendor denies accusation 

Image credit: Rawipa Imarrom

According to Manager Online, the vendor who sold the prawns to Rawipa denied any allegations and assured that the nails did not come from her store. She also said putting nails into prawns risk damages the products and is a waste of time.

Image credit: Rawipa Imarrom

In response, Rawipa suggested that they should check the security camera in the shop to prove if they’re really innocent.   

After the post went online, the market’s administration asked the shop to apologise and give Rawipa a full refund.

You better look closely next time you have grilled prawns. 

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Featured image adapted from: รวิภา นก อิ่มอารมย์/FB

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