Chicken egg problem in Thailand

Thai Egg Vendor Cheats Customer Image adapted from: ครูเก๋ กับเด็ก เด็ก

After worry spread over Thai citizens regarding a shortage of food during the COVID-19 outbreak, they’ve started stocking up on essential products – one of those items being chicken eggs. However, some vendors have grabbed this opportunity to inflate the price of their products to fool desperate customers. 

Beware of dishonest sellers

On 28th March 2020, Facebook user ครูเก๋ กับเด็ก เด็ก (Teacher Kea & Students) shared a post to warn netizen of an egg seller in Chiang Mai.

Thai sells Cartons With Missing Chicken Eggs

Translation: Be careful of this Chiang Mai egg seller’s tricks. During the COVID-19 crisis, many people want to do good by donating eggs to Wat Don Chan Orphanage. On 26th March 2020, we got 6 trays of chicken eggs that came in a stack, but we found out that 4 trays had been hollowed out and hidden, like you see in the picture. [So] wait and watch ad your sellers are packing your eggs!

Chicken egg problem in Thailand
Image credit: ครูเก๋ กับเด็ก เด็ก

Netizens express their anger online

As this happened during a difficult time, and especially when the eggs were meant to be donations to an orphanage, people were understandably very angry when seeing the post. 

Thai vendor sells Cartons With Missing Chicken Eggs

Translation: What goes around comes around.

sells Cartons With Missing Chicken Eggs

Translation: That’s sinful. The seller has more opportunities than those underprivileged people who may consequently face this. You should be ashamed. 

sell Cartons With Missing Chicken Eggs

Translation: It is so mean to do this in a difficult time. 

Not every seller is as cruel as this person, but we still need to be careful when getting goods.

Moreover, as reported on The Thaiger, the chairman of Chicken Egg Farmers confirmed that the eggs will not run out in Thailand. So, there is no need for panic buy eggs and other food and products too. 

We hope this problem will never happen again, especially during the crisis. Let’s be more mindful.

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