Famous Thai exorcist in Thailand

Supernatural occurrences and explanations have been a large part of Thai culture for a very long time. In fact, many locals in Thailand still believe that both mental and physical issues are still associated with ghost possessions; which is why Thai exorcists still exist – and thrive – in the 21st century.

Famous Thai exorcist, Mr. Jeerapat Petchlao, famously known as Mor – the Thai word for ‘doctor’ – Pla made headlines with his most recent case. 

Thai superstitious lore: 

Granny possessed by malicious spirit 

On 1st April 2021, Mor Pla was summoned to exorcise 80-year-old granny See Thonwut, in a village around Chaiyaphum province. 

Community members claimed that the usually quiet granny suddenly started lashing out at her neighbours – from swearing to over-animated facial expressions. Her sudden change in behaviour led to those around her believing she was possessed by a Pop, the most “common” type of malicious spirit.  

Locals Order Exorcism For 'Possessed' Granny, Turns Out She Just Had A Mental Health EpisodeGranny See sticks her tongue to reporters
Screenshot: Channel 3 Plus

Mor Pla travelled from Bangkok to the village, where it took him fifteen minutes to survey her home and deduce she was not possessed, but instead experiencing a mental lapse. 

Mor Pla classifies case as mental breakdown

“There’s nothing else affecting her besides the amount of stress she’s been carrying for quite some time. I went into her home and she barely had anything, she didn’t even have a functioning fan. We have to admit that these are bad times for the economy. Plus, these kinds of beliefs are encouraged by fake Thai exorcists that want to earn a living”, said Mor Pla reported Channel 3 Plus

The exorcist then further elaborated that there are many cases like Granny See, where individuals are suffering from mental lapses due to prolonged and unacknowledged stress. 

For context, Granny See experiences diabetes and high blood pressure; she is also said to have owed ฿150,000 (~USD4,793.86) to her loan shark, reported Daily News

Locals Order Exorcism For 'Possessed' Granny, Turns Out She Just Had A Mental Health EpisodeScreenshot: Channel 3 Plus

Mental health is important

The pandemic has stirred the global economy and turned many peoples’ lives upside down. It’s always important to keep your mental health intact – mental health is as important as your physical health, even though it’s still considered as a taboo in many societies.

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Cover images adapted from: Sanook (Left), Channel 3 Plus (Right)

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