Man buys TV from shopping app

Given the current situation, many vendors have decided to move their onto online platforms to bolster their income.

However, with the popularity of online shopping stores also comes the rise of mishaps. There have been reports of customers who received products that are entirely different from what they had ordered.

However, sometimes, the unexpected goods we receive could turn out to look so cute that we forget to be mad at the online vendor. Let’s take this following case as an example.

Here’s the story of a man who bought a TV online, but received a tiny television toy instead.

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Father buys TV from the online shopping app

On 25th January 2022, Thai TikToker, @g_r_a_c_e_2005, posted a funny story about her father, who had ordered a TV from the online shopping app.

วันหลังก็ดูดีๆนะพ่อ#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral

วันหลังก็ดูดีๆนะพ่อ#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral

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The TikToker posted the clip with a hilarious caption that said she didn’t even know whether to laugh or cry when her father showed her the TV he had received.

Screenshot: @g_r_a_c_e_2005

Instead of receiving the real television, the father received a tiny TV toy with a pretty remote control.

Screenshot: @g_r_a_c_e_2005

When asked about the price of the TV in the comments section, the TikToker answered hat it was available at around ฿100 (~USD3).

Luckily for the father, the tiny TV didn’t empty his pockets.

Netizens share solutions to make the TV useable

After the video was circulated across the TikTok, many netizens offered their solutions on how to make the TV useable.

Screenshot: @g_r_a_c_e_2005

Translation: This is a new edition that was just imported. You need to soak it in the water for a night and it will expand. LOL

One netizen jokingly offered his solution to the make TV bigger.

Screenshot: @g_r_a_c_e_2005

Translation: Don’t forget to to download the Netflix for your father. LOL

Another netizen warned the TikToker to install Netflix on her father’s TV.

Screenshot: @g_r_a_c_e_2005

Translation: I bought TV online for ฿6,000+  (~USD181.62+), but I got two smartphone cases instead. LOL

One viewer shared their similar experience: after paying ฿6,000+  (~USD181.62+) for a TV, they instead got two smartphone cases.

Give Barbie the TV instead

Since the TV is too small for her father, the TikToker joked that she gave the telly to her Barbie doll instead. While we totally support regifting items, we also suggest that the father help move the TV inside the Barbie’s house, as we’re afraid that the TV may be too heavy for the Barbie doll to carry.

Hey, one man’s trash is another doll’s treasure.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @g_r_a_c_e_2005

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