Grab riders help overloaded hawker in Khon Kaen

Ordering food daily has become a lifestyle choice across several countries during this ‘New Normal’ era.

With the decreased number of people dining out in restaurants, many food hawkers have had to shift their focus to providing quick-and-quality take-out meals by collaborating with deliverymen. However, some riders do not only provide a great delivery service, but also make a contribution to customers’ food.

Here’s the story of Grab riders in Khon Kaen who helped an overloaded hawker finish the food order.

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Grab riders help hawker fulfill food orders

On 21st January 2022, a video of Grab riders helping a swamped hawker at a popular grilled pork restaurant in Khon Kaen was posted on TikTok and quickly trended across the platform.

เมื่อแม่ค้า บอกว่าช่วยหน่อย จัดไปครับ!!! #หมูซิ่งไรเดอร์khonkaen #ข้าวหมูทอดในตำนาน #ระดับสั่งการ

เมื่อแม่ค้า บอกว่าช่วยหน่อย จัดไปครับ!!! #หมูซิ่งไรเดอร์khonkaen #ข้าวหมูทอดในตำนาน #ระดับสั่งการ

Discover More On TikTok

Several videos of these kind deliverymen were uploaded on the TikTok account, @jettarin2635.

The videos shows up to five Grab riders helping what appears to be a kitchen with an overwhelming number of food orders.

GIF: @jettarin2635

It seems obvious from the video clips that these deliverymen were enjoying themselves, as they also started a dance party in the kitchen.

Netizens jokingly wonder if the riders were helping or hurting

After the clip went viral on TikTok – garnering more than 247K likes – many netizens shared their comments onto the video. Most of them seemed to be wondering if the deliverymen helped expedite the orders, or cause further delay.

Screenshot: @jettarin2635

Translation: Did they help complete the orders faster or make the process more complicated? LOL

One netizen wondered if the deliverymen helped the hawker finish the dishes faster or if they complicated the kitchen’s workflow.

Screenshot: @jettarin2635

Translation: I know now why I’m notified that riders are busy. LOL

Another netizen shared a hilarious comment that these dance parties are probably why some riders are “busy” on the app.

Screenshot: @jettarin2635

Translation: 10% help, 90% dance LOL

One TikToker commented that the deliverymen were dancing rather than helping.

Try dancing and cooking

We really appreciate by the the Grab riders’ dedication to providing a fast delivery service. Their kindness in helping the hawker is also admirable.

However, these kind and dedicated individuals also taught us another very valuable lesson: there’s never a bad time to start a dance party.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @jettarin2635, @jettarin2635, @jettarin2635

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