Man turns himself into police to avoid going home

Conflict is inevitable. Even between those who are extremely close and amiable, arguments can ensue whenever one party doesn’t feel like they’re not being heard.

While these scuffles can be solved through healthy communication, there are some issues that just can’t be addressed fast enough.

Take this woman and her mother in Nonthaburi, whose fight made international headlines.

Curious? Read on to find out how a fight between a daughter and her MIL ended with a man turning himself into the police.

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Man turns to police to escape fighting wife and mother

On 27th January 2022, a story about a 35 year-old man who turned himself in for smoking marijuana in Nonthaburi was published by Mothership.

In addition to admitting to partaking in recreational drug use, the man also asked the police to keep him for the night. However, with the recent decriminalisation of cannabis use, the police could not arrest him.

Why would someone voluntarily go to jail? The man informed the authorities that he would prefer to spend the night in jail rather than return home to his quarrelling wife and mother.

Ultimately, the man was asked to return home with the promise that authorities would send mediation support for his family.

While we totally understand wanting to avoid conflict, we figured there’d be more to the story.

Argument caused by the man’s new venture

According to reports, the Battle-Royale at the aspiring-suspect’s home started after he failed to return home by the time he and his wife had agreed upon.

Disappointed, his spouse chastised him as well as the rest of the family, including his mother.

Her mother-in-law, displeased with the events, then argued back. The back-and-forth then ensued into a full-blown shouting match that caused the man such distress that he snuck away for some alcohol and marijuana.

TBH, we probably wouldn’t know how to handle that situation either.

Remain transparent

Okay, admittedly, we did snicker a little at this man’s plight.

While we can totally empathise with wanting to avoid a situation, it’s also a little hard not to laugh at the extent to which someone would go to – asking the police to arrest you?

Well, to each their own, we guess. As we don’t know about the situation, we really shouldn’t be judging.

However, we do applaud this man for trying to be transparent by informing the police of his coping mechanisms.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Pixabay via Gulf News, Sin Chew via Mothership

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