Policeman chases fleeing gambler

No words can describe the value of a mother-child relationship. We’re always reminded of how much we should love and respect the person who has nurtured us from we opened our eyes for the first time.

However, in certain situations, somehow, righteousness must come before gratitude. For instance, when you’re a law-enforcement officer and your mother happens to be on the wrong side of the law.

Here’s the story of a policeman who was chasing a fleeing gambler, who turned out to be his mom.

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Policeman is having a hard time chasing his mother

On 13th January 2022, a video of a policeman chasing a fleeing gambler was circulated across social media.

The video was uploaded on the policeman’s TikTok account, @Suferguide, with the hilarious caption, “I’m very disheartened and concerned with my life after I realised that the gambler I was chasing was my mom!!!!”

This caption surprised all viewers about the fact that the policeman was running after his mother.

Screenshot: @Suferguide

The policeman also posted a funny question in the comments section about having problems in deciding whether to prioritise his job responsibilities or his gratitude for his mom.

Viewers suggest the policeman run slowly

While it seems to us that the man had no choice but the former, several netizens suggested a compromise to help the policeman make his decision.

Screenshot: @Suferguide

Netizen: Pretend to run slowly.

OP: My legs are short. LOL

One netizen suggested that the policeman run slowly, but the OP’s response suggested that he usually doesn’t run fast anyway.

Screenshot: @Suferguide

Netizen: No dinner for today

OP: Noooo LOL

Another netizen commented that the policeman’s mother wouldn’t cook him dinner as punishment for trying to arrest her.

Screenshot: @Suferguide

Translation: Mommy will chase him back with a stick.

One viewer speculated a possible reaction from the policeman’s mother: instead of running away, she’d run towards her son with a stick in hand.

Responsibility & righteousness are the priority

Whether you agree with the policeman for deciding to run after his mom who was found illegally gambling, we believe that the police’s responsibility and righteousness should come first.

However, we really hope that the man won’t get punished after having his mom arrested.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @Suferguide

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