Phu Langka National Park’s hunky guides go viral on Facebook

For adventurous lovers, Phu Langka National Park is one of Thailand’s top spots to visit.

With a variety of natural attractions, such as the Naga Cave and Kinnaree Waterfall, which may be difficult to access, it’s highly recommended to hire a guide who’s familiar with the area. But, judging by the looks of these guides, tourists may not only want to appreciate the natural wonders, but also get lost with them for a whole day.

Here’s the story of a good-looking team of guides Phu Langka National Park who quickly became viral on Facebook.

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Hunky guides bring attention to National Park

On 13th January 2022, pictures of a team of guides from Phu Langka National Park were circulated across social media after they were posted on the Facebook public group, ถ้ำนาคี Nakee Cave.

Image credit: เนย หนึ่งฤทัย พุ่มทอง

The pictures were shared by a tourist who was impressed with the guides’ professionalism during her trip to the national park. Garnering more than 1.6K likes, the post quickly went viral and attracted a lot of attention from Thai netizens.

Image credit: กฤษฏากร ป้องหา

The post also stipulated that Phu Langka National Park is open as usual. For all tourists who want to use the guides’ services, the team is available and at your service.

Netizens are eager to visit the national park & use the guides’ services

After the pictures were posted online, many netizens shared their eagerness to pay a visit to Phu Langka National Park and to use the guides’ services.

Screenshot: กฤษฏากร ป้องหา

Translation: Can I book all of them?

One netizen commented that she wanted all guides to take her on a tour of the park.

Screenshot: กฤษฏากร ป้องหา

Translation: I would explore the cave tirelessly.

Another netizen shared that she’s ready to explore one of the caves at the national park without getting tired.

Screenshot: กฤษฏากร ป้องหา

Translation: I can’t climb the cliff. My legs and my heart will melt once I meet them.

One Facebook user stated that she was not ready for the adventure, because she’s too shy to explore the cave with these handsome guides.

Let’s pack our bags & go on a trip

With such well-reviewed guide services provided, we believe that many tourists are ready to journey to Phu Langka National Park.

So, let’s pack our bags and go a trip with those professional guides.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): เนย หนึ่งฤทัย พุ่มทอง, เนย หนึ่งฤทัย พุ่มทอง

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