Boyfriend pranks girlfriend with fake ticket

Man Fake Traffic Tickets ThaiImages adapted from: Siamrath, Springnews

Pranks are fun and games until someone gets hurt… or in this case, arrested.

A handwritten traffic ticket caused quite a stir in Nong Khai’s police station after it was reported by a citizen who thought the ticket looked out of the ordinary. Authentic tickets would typically be printed with the official police emblem on top.

Man Fake Traffic Tickets ThaiA serious investigation
Image credit: Thaipost

Pol. Col.Kasem Mutapon, the Chief in Command, was quick to investigate the matter as he initially suspected it being the case of corruptive behaviour within the police department, which would impose a bad image onto the whole team.

However, after checking security footage and talking to traffic police, he learned that the “policeman” who signed the ticket actually didn’t exist. In fact, no checks were even conducted on the day.  

Ended up being a mischievous prank

Man Fake Traffic Tickets ThaiThe ticket fines for not wearing a helmet amounted to ฿300 and an expired motorcycle’s insurance for ฿500 –  that’s ฿800
Image credit: Springnews

On 14th October 2019, the police arrested a 23-year-old man named Satapagon. After being questioned, the man revealed that he wrote the fake ticket to prank his girlfriend as she always scolded him for not wearing a helmet.

Mr. Satapagon then took a photo of a ticket and sent to his girlfriend and ask her for ฿800, so he could pay the “fine”. He also insisted that he had no malicious intent at all and it was just for fun – until now.

Girlfriend forwarded the ticket to her friend 

Though she had transferred money to Mr. Satapagon, the girlfriend was still sceptical about how the ticket looked. So, she forwarded a picture of it to her friend whose boyfriend was a local attorney to talk about it.

But things took a serious turn when her friend’s boyfriend sent the picture to one of his police friends, which then triggered an investigation. 

Prank turned to a legal matter

Mr. Satapagon has since been charged for breaking cyber laws, namely putting false information online by sending a photo of the fake ticket to his girlfriend via text, as well as forging official documents. 

Be careful with your prank folks, if it’s not funny, the joke might be on you.

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