Fake policeman gets thrown into jail

fake uniform used by fake police

Image adapted from: Daily News

People work hard to become policemen and protect our citizens. But 41-year-old Sayan Pimpata, also known as Ja Man, found a shortcut in his career just by ordering a uniform and police equipment. His shenanigans also included scamming people for their money – not cool.

Not before long, he found himself at a police station as a suspect on the evening of the 24th July 2019. The arrest was made at Ja Man’s condominium at Sukhumvit Soi 103 earlier that day by, well, real policemen.         

Got full props for his fake role

To make his role as a policeman convincing, Ja Man had his uniform tailored and even gave himself the rank of Senior Sergeant Major. Speaking of dedication, he also bought a real 9mm gun and 2-way radio as accessories.  

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Making money with false promises

Ja Man might still be free if he hadn’t exploited people with his false claims. Many victims accused him of extortion – he had told people that if they pay him, he would help “clear” their legal issues as he knew a high-ranking official, which was also a lie.

man who fake as policeman

Image credit: Youtube

Many charges filed, police ask citizens to come forward

It seems like Ja Man won’t be wearing any other uniforms but that of a prisoner for a long time. He’s since been charged with alleged extortion and theft, followed by official impersonation, being in possession of a gun and having a 2-way radio without permission.

The police also encourage other victims who haven’t come out to make a report, so Ja Man can pay back for his crimes.