Cooking Pot Boy wins the Internet

cooking pot boys helmets police

Image adapted from: Tanit Bussabong

It’s common knowledge to wear helmets while driving motorcycles anywhere in the world for your own safety. However, this schoolboy begged to differ and offered a whole new level of safety gear: cooking pots.

Traffic Police officer Tanit Bussabong who had been on duty during the incident posted photos of three schoolboys on a motorcycle in Nakhon Nayok province. They’d found themselves in a pickle when none of them had helmets on.

Officer thought he had a helmet on from afar

cooking pot boys helmets police

Even the police couldn’t seem to hide their amusement
Image credit: Tanit Bussabong

It’s a law to always have safety gear on when riding a bike in Thailand. So when they’d spotted the boys from afar, the traffic police waved them down as they only saw the boy in the middle wearing what they thought was a helmet.

But wait, isn’t it the driver the one who’s got the pot on his head? That’s right – ‘cuz when the boy realised they were getting caught, he swiftly took off his “helmet” and placed it on his friend in front of him, who was the driver.

cooking pot boys helmets police

Translation: Looking from afar, I thought it was a helmet. He dared to fool the police! #greatgag
Image credit: Tanit Bussabong

When the officers caught up to them, they were instead greeted by a boy wearing not proper gear, but a huge cooking pot on his head. This baffled them to no end, with the entire patrol squad laughing at what they saw.

Not trying to fool anyone

After asking questions, the police learned that it wasn’t the boys’ intention to fool them or to avoid getting arrested. The boys had brought a cooking pot with them because it was required in their school’s activity that day.

The police then decided to let the 3 go with a warning, but not without a long speech about safety. The boys actually broke 2 laws: not wearing helmets and exceeding passenger limit.

People are making memes out of the boys’ photos

Netizens have been creating funny memes out of the boys’ photos, linking them to PUBG – a popular online fighting game where players can use a pan as a weapon.

meme cooking pot boys helmets pubg

Image credit: Tanit Bussabong


meme cooking pot boys helmets pubg

A collection of helmets from PUBG
Image credit: Gameromteen


meme cooking pot boys helmets

Translation: Cheab = Wicked
Image credit: Basementkaraoke

Police gave them free helmets for safe rides in the future

We thought they already got a happy ending when the police decided to let the boys go with just warnings, but we’re in for a better ending. After Officer Tanit’s post had gone viral, the boys were called to the police station to receive 3 free helmets.

cooking pot boys helmets police

Image credit: Thairath

One of the boys also revealed to Thairath that he felt guilty for what happened, and said that he wants people to remember to be safe when on the roads to prevent unfortunate accidents from happening.

In all seriousness, Thailand’s roads are ranked as one of the deadliest of all countries in the world for a reason. This story of not wearing helmets might end on a happy note, but let’s not forget the dangers that come along with not wearing proper safety gear. Be safe on the roads!

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