Kiddo stands on moving motorbike

A lot of kids in Thailand’s rural areas are often seen driving motorbikes. Although some are really great drivers, it’s still considered illegal and inappropriate for them to do so.

However, this youngster presents a different story. Instead of actually driving the vehicle, the kiddo was seen standing on a moving motorbike, which is also deemed to be a dangerous act.

This act has been brought to netizens’ attention on Facebook, after a viral picture was uploaded online – let’s see what the public had to say about this. 

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Kiddo stands on motorbike in Nonthaburi 

According to the OP, the child’s stunt was seen around Nonthaburi. The motorist appears to have driven over a long stretch without pulling over to give the kid a chance to sit down.

This was documented and shared via Facebook by เจ๊ม้อยv plus on 20th June 2021.

You’re probably wondering how the child managed to hold onto the driver.

Image credit: Line Today via Daily News

The kid was seen grabbing onto the driver’s shoulder for support while using one hand as a shield against headwinds.

The netizen warns that this behaviour is dangerous and potentially fatal, according to Line Today

The public chimes in on the incident 

This motorist’s actions has since grabbed some attention from the public – other netizens have also commented on the young one’s safety.


Screenshot: เจ๊ม้อยv plus

Translation: How dangerous for the kid. If they fell off, the following vehicle could run over them. So horrible.


Screenshot: เจ๊ม้อยv plus

Translation: This happens all the time around my place.


Screenshot: เจ๊ม้อยv plus

Translation: I’m confused why the driver is allowing this to happen. I have a 9-year-old daughter. I repeatedly remind her to hold onto me whilst riding my motorbike. I’ll never let her do something like this.

Recommended age for commuting on motorbikes

Whether it’s riding a motorcycle or playing on the monkey bars, children will need supervision.

We should remember that there are clear rules in place for those who want to bring their young ones on their motorbikes.

Younger children in particular, due to their physical and mental maturity, aren’t suitable as motorcycle passengers, according to the National Institute for Child and Family Development.

For their safety, we should limit their rides till they reach the age of 6 or older.

Cover images adapted from: Line Today via Daily News (Left), เจ๊ม้อยv plus (Right)

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