School lunch project in Thailand

Recently, we have seen progressive movements on Thailand’s education scene: new changes include the revoke of scout uniforms and permitting students to wear sneakers in all school activities.

Same goes for this school in Khon Kaen. The administration is allowing students to choose their own lunches in a project aimed to increase their motivation and engagement in school.

Here’s how the project is also teaching the students lessons on voting and what the netizens are saying about it.

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Students get a vote on their lunches in school project

Currently going viral on the internet is a post about a school in Khon Khaen that allows students to choose their own lunches in a project called “Lunch & Learn” shared by Facebook user Watcharapong Wongsim on 14th June 2021.

Image credit: Watcharapong Wongsim

In this project, students get to pick a lunch meal they prefer by placing a sticker onto a voting board, all of which aims to increase their engagement in school while teaching them about the “right to vote”.

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Image credit: Fateemah Raya via Khaosod

Over 488 students participated in the activity in choosing one out of ten lunch menus, with dishes like Thai green curry, Teriyaki chicken, and Pad Thai.

Image credit: The MATTER

The winning dish, however, falls to “KFC”, or “Kwantip’s fried chicken”, which features sides such as mashed potatoes and Kimchi coleslaw.

Netizens pour in with comments

Within a day, the post received 11,000 shares with netizens complimenting the creativity and execution of the project.

Screenshot: The MATTER

Translation: This is a great idea! Giving the children a chance to vote as well as a practice on decision-making. A thumbs up to the organisers. Wish the other schools will follow in their footsteps!

Screenshot: The MATTER

Translation: Clear communication is another important aspect to consider in projects like this. Despite the texts being a little hard to understand, I would say the visual information is well executed!

Many are also seen sharing theories on why the “KFC” dish became the champion.

Screenshot: The MATTER

Translation: I think the children went for the fried chicken because of the word “KFC”

Whilst other netizens have pointed out how the girl in the picture has a bag of fried pork rinds on her waist showing her true love for Som Tum, which was just what she was selecting on the board.

Screenshot: The MATTER

Translation: The girl has fried pork rinds ready for Som Tum.

Lunch & Learn project speaks for the importance of lunch meals

One of the teachers who started the project, Mr. Sanya Makarin, expressed in an interview with The People that the purpose of the activity was also to raise awareness on the importance of lunch meals and how they have an effect on the students’ health and livelihood.

Image credit: The People

Mr. Makarin believes that a good lunch meal is one of the factors that drive students to go to school as well, and hence encourages educational institutions to pay more attention in the kitchen.

Bright future ahead for the new generation

It is one of the heartwarming stories of the day to hear about children finally getting to choose what they want going down their tummies at school.

With progressive steps appearing one after another, it’s possible to say that this generation definitely has a bright future ahead of them, and we hope the trajectory remains in this direction.

Whilst we’re on the lunch topic, do you remember any dishes from your school days? If so, what’s the best or worst dish you’ve ever had? Share with us in the comments.

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