Thai woman wins a ฿12M lottery prize

When we hear poop jokes, we usually find them hilarious because of their “inappropriate” nature. For instance, imagining them in strange scenarios or simply by cracking a toilet-ready pun.

This story may sound like a poop joke at first. But it actually played out in reality, after a Thai woman allegedly hit the ฿12,000,000 (~USD383,031) jackpot in a lottery, after a dream that involved poop.

What made this bizarre dream prediction stand out? We’ll take you through the story below.

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Thai woman wins a ฿12M lottery prize after a poop dream

thai-woman-wins-฿12MImage credit: One 31 News

A lucky Singburi-based woman, named Ms. Somporn Pinthong, won herself the grand prize in a lottery on 17th June 2021.

One day prior to her win, she allegedly predicted her winning chances after a dream that saw her touching “poop” at home. 

Image credit: Istockphoto
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The number “1” appeared on her faeces, along with an image of the number “7”.

Inspired by her dream, she bought two lottery tickets that had 71 and 17 on them. Turns out, that’s exactly how she won the first prize in the draw.

This newly-minted millionaire now believes that her prayers were answered, because she had been wishing to win this lottery, according to One 31 News.

54-year old fishmonger will continue buying lottery tickets

After the win, the 54-year old fishmonger who works at Fakrobkrong Market decided to give a little back to her neighbourhood.

Overwhelmed with joy, the lady decided to give away her supply of fresh fish to her customers, after she won the grand prize.

thai-woman-wins-฿12MImage credit: One 31 News

She’s excited to continue her quest to uncover more winning lottery tickets, with the support of her husband and child.

A golden ticket to retirement

We are glad that this woman decided to give back to her community, after acting on her auspicious poop dream and winning the lottery.

We believe she deserves the instant golden ticket that will help her enjoy more activities during her retirement. 

If you’ve won the lottery before, what’s your secret method? Share your thoughts on the story with us below.

Cover images from:  One 31 News (Left), Istockphoto (Right)

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